Best Water Skis For Summer

Recommendation No. 1
O'Brien Vortex Widebody Combo Water Skis 65.5", Red - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • Length 65. 5 inch/166cm
  • X-7 adjustable bindings (one ski has rear toe piece)
  • Foot size: Men's 4. 5-13
  • Wide body for stability
  • Sport type: Boating
Recommendation No. 2
O'Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis, 67" - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • Pinch slide 700 Series adjustable binding fits US Men 4.5-13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Narrower cut for more maneuverability
  • Deep center tunnel for stability and performance
Recommendation No. 3
O'Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis, Blue, 68" - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • X-7 adjustable binding designed to fit US Men 4.5-13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Great all-around ski for the whole family
  • Performance side cut for better turning
  • Dual tunnel enhances control and stability
Recommendation No. 4
O'Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis, Blue, 68" - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • X-7 adjustable binding designed to fit US Men 4.5-13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Great all-around ski for the whole family
  • Performance side cut for better turning
  • Dual tunnel enhances control and stability
Recommendation No. 5
O'Brien Jr Vortex Kids Combo Water Skis, 54""", Green (2211134) - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • Length 54 inch/137cm
  • Jr. X-7 adjustable bindings (one ski has rear toe piece)
  • Foot size: kids 2-Mens 7
  • Durable Plastic Fins
  • Includes stabilizer bar
Recommendation No. 6
RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis - Adult - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • BEST ALL-AROUND WATER SKI: Discover the pure joy of water skiing with the Pure Combo Water Skis. These combo skis will make everyone from beginners to experts feel like pros and help make the transition from combo skiing to slalom skiing as easy as it c
  • STABLE AND RESPONSIVE: Designed with a center ridge and deeper edge channels, the Pure offers super stability during deep water starts, and control and responsiveness while cutting over wakes and through waves.
  • PERFECT FIT: The Puree's adjustable bindings make it a cinch to get everyone in the family skiing in no time at all, and are easy to slip into. At 67” / 170 cm long, the Pure Combo Water Skis are the right size for most adult skiers.
Recommendation No. 7
Airhead S-1400 Wide Body Combo Skis, 65", pair, Multicoloured (AHS-1400) - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • 65.5 in. long, wide-body skis with wide tip that displaces more water for easy start-ups and provides superior stability
  • Hourglass shape provides quick low effort turning initiation even at slower boat speeds
  • More advanced skiers will enjoy the wide tips for jumping wakes
  • Dual density bindings are adjustable from US sizes 5 to 12
  • Durable composite / foam core construction with fiberglass reinforced nylon fins for tracking
Recommendation No. 8
O'Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis, Flag, 68", 2211110 - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • X-7 adjustable binding designed to fit US Men 4.5-13
  • Padded rear toe plate
  • Great all-around ski for the whole family
  • Performance side cut for better turning
  • Dual tunnel enhances control and stability
Recommendation No. 9
Rave Sports Rhyme Combo Water Skis - Adult - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • STABILITY: The Rhyme Combo Water Skis have a wider body shape designed for stability, easier deep-water starts and effortless large curving turns.
  • EASIER STARTS: The wider surface area of the Rhyme Combo Water Skis means less drag and more lift
  • LESS POWER NEEDED: The wider shape of the Rhyme Combo Water Skis is easier on your boat, as it takes less power to pull skiers up and out of the water.
  • SLALOM TOO: With a rear toe hold on one ski, skiers can get up on the water with both skis and then drop a ski to slalom. Perfect for beginner skiers!
  • PERFECT FIT: Soft, secure bindings are adjustable to fit most adults. At 65" long (167 cm), Rhyme skis are the perfect all-around water ski.
Recommendation No. 10
Connelly Quantum Waterski Combo's 68", Adjustable Bindings - Best Water Skis For Summer
  • Reinforced composite construction
  • Stabilizer bar inserts (bar sold separately)
  • 2 x 68 inch/173 cm | 135-240lbs | adjustable bindings size 9-14

During the summer months, no one likes to stay at home and only hear about people going for water skis. Rather than watch TV or play video games, there’s every reason to believe you could be having the time of your life at the beach or river on a brand new water ski set as well. If you think enough is enough and you want a piece of the action, it might be time to go shopping for a new ski set.
However, before you get your wallet out, it’s essential to put a bit of thought into the purchasing process. Not every ski set is the same, and each person who wants one has a different set of requirements. You might be more interested in sports sets for speed. Or, you could be more family-oriented and want one that’s versatile for the whole family. What’s more, you may prefer a water ski set that chooses comfort over speed or the other way around. Then, the price tag has to be within your realm as well.
There are so many variables when it comes to choosing the best ski pair. Therefore, we’ve provided some excellent options below.

9. O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis

With a price tag that reflects quality yet affordability, it’s clear to see why this water ski pair is a firm favorite with many families and individuals. Designed as skis for adult beginners, they are the perfect way to hit the water with the best chance of learning the ropes.
They are 67 inches in length, have a wide forebody, and even include tunnel channels. As a result, you benefit from far better stability and performance than several other skis on the market. However, the benefits don’t end there.
These skis come with adjustable bindings while also being suitable for a broad range of foot sizes. If you’re a men’s size between four-and-a-half and 13, you will find these skis fit snug. What’s more, one of the skis even comes with a rear toe piece.
Made with your comfort and need for balance in mind, you are sure to love everything they have to offer.


  • 67 inches in length
  • Suitable for men’s 4.5-13 size feet
  • Wide forebody
  • Tunnel channels
  • Decent stability
  • Good performance
  • Adjustable bindings
  • Rear toe piece
  • Plastic fin

8. Airhead Combo Skis

Every family is going to have someone who’s confident using a water ski set, and those who aren’t. Therefore, it’s essential to have water skis that cater to all abilities – not only those who are a beginner or at an advanced level. If you buy these Airhead skis, you will be more than impressed with how they tick all the boxes.
Because they are packed full of features for comfort, balance, and convenience, you will find they are a firm favorite with many families. The more advanced members of the family will enjoy the performance thanks to the broad tails, while the beginners will love the control and stability.
This 67-inch rim-molded water ski pair features tunnel-shaped bottoms for better balance and control, all the while offering robust composite construction thanks to the fiberglass reinforcing and nylon fins. As a result, you can benefit from skis that last for many summers to come.


  • Size 5-12 bindings
  • Beginners through to advanced
  • Wide tails
  • Rim-molded
  • Tunnel-shaped bottoms
  • Better performance
  • Great stability and control
  • Fiberglass reinforcing
  • Composite build

7. Hydroslide Kid’s Trainer Water Skis

If you’re a family of water lovers, then it seems only natural that the kids need their own water ski pair. After all, they won’t be able to fit their feet into the large adult skis or get control when they need to. When it’s time to teach the kids the lay of the land, there’s no better waterski pair to take a closer look at than these trainer skis from Hydroslide.
Specifically for teaching children to water ski, they offer many features that are sure to help the process. Firstly, the bindings are slide-adjustable. As a result, if you have more than one child, you can quickly adjust the bindings to suit their feet. Also included is a tow rope. This rope gives the operator control of the skis to help them learn at their own pace, while also joining the two skis together.
Because the skis are linked together, children can learn to balance, remain stable, and keep their feet in place. If you’ve got water enthusiasts in your family and want to encourage it, purchasing this ski pair from Hydroslide is an excellent place to start.


  • Beginner children’s skis
  • Includes training tow rope
  • Skis are joined together
  • Bindings are slide-adjustable

6. Kwik Tek Airhead Breakthru Wide Body Trainer Water Ski Package

Whether you’re teaching a child or a young adult to ski, you will find this Kwik Tek water ski pair is an excellent place to start. While they look striking and professional, they feature everything you need to hit the ground running and learn skiing basics.
These skis are suitable for size 12 children or size five adults, have a 100-pound weight capacity and are exceptionally well-balanced and stable in the water. When you use these skis, you can learn deep water starts, as well as the basics of water skiing as a sport.
On the first inspection, it’s clear to see why these make an excellent training tool. They have comfortable bindings you can adjust for a snug fit, an oversized profile, a stabilizer bar to keep the skis steady, and a tapered tail. All these features work together to help beginners gain confidence in the water. With a competitive price tag and a funky style, you will love everything this ski package has to offer.


  • Oversized profile
  • Parabolic side cut
  • Adjustable, comfortable bindings
  • Excellent training tool
  • Tapered tail
  • Stabilizer bar
  • 47 inches in length
  • Nylon rudders with fiberglass reinforcing
  • 100-pound capacity

5. Supersport Combo Water Skis

If you’re tired of all your friends and family having the time of their life going for a water ski when you don’t have any, it’s time to make a change. Rather than sit at home and be miserable, you can join the fun without spending the earth. The best part is, you don’t compromise on quality in the process.
For a small investment, you can purchase this ski pair from Supersport, designed for both beginners and experts. They feature comfortable and adjustable bindings to get that snug fit, as well as a stylish color scheme to help you stand out from the crowd. However, it doesn’t end there.
The robust composite construction will give you peace of mind that they’re made to last the distance, as will the nylon fin featuring glass. Everything about this ski pair will impress, including the exceptional stability, performance, and control. Get amongst the summer action and purchase this water ski pair today.


  • Reinforced and robust composite construction
  • Nylon fin with glass interior
  • Comfortable, slide-adjustable bindings
  • Stylish color scheme
  • Affordable price tag

4. CWB Connelly Aspect Slalom Water Ski

If it’s been some years since you had your first water ski experience and now class yourself an expert, it could be time to upgrade your set to these skis from CWB. Rather than battle away with beginner skis, it’s time to unleash your potential and performance.
This water ski pair from CWB can be of assistance in that process. Not only are they handmade in the USA, but they offer the best Connelly advanced profile technology for a range of benefits. You will notice how lightweight they are, their strength, and how quickly they respond to your actions as well. What’s more, they are a water ski pair that is built to last the distance.
They feature a high-gloss finish for that “new” look even years later, as well as a polyurethane core to reduce the risk of waterlogging if the skis are damaged. What’s more, they feature a fiberglass wrap and have a wide forebody which helps with better stability – even at low speeds. If it’s time to take it up a notch, you will find this water ski pair is everything you could need and more.


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Featuring Connelly advanced profile technology
  • Lightweight properties
  • Fiberglass wrap
  • High-gloss PMU for better durability
  • Polyurethane resin core
  • Wide forebody
  • Stability even at low speeds

3. Radar Senate Alloy Water Ski

If you’re well past the beginner stages of learning to water ski, then upgrading your pair to this set from Radar Senate could be the best decision you ever make for your water leisure experience. If you know you have what it takes but your gear is holding you back, this set puts a stop to it.
The best part about these skis is how comfortable and natural they feel. Whether you want to accelerate smoothly or create a tight arc, they glide through the water as if there was no resistance.
The flat spot of the ski set connects to a rocker radius, the shaping of the skis helps to create a far more straightforward skiing process, while even the bindings play their part in your performance.
You can choose from either open-toe bindings or closed-toe bindings. Both options help you to both get more control of the water and show it who’s boss. Easily some of the best water skis on the market, you will enjoy getting these skis in the mail.


  • Smooth acceleration
  • Excellent tip technology
  • Choose from open or closed toe bindings
  • Medium flex
  • PVC-free
  • Symmetrical footbed
  • Smooth ride

2. Radar Senate Graphite Water Ski

As one of the best waterski pairs on the market, you are sure to fall in love with everything it has to offer. While there are many water ski options on the market, very few compare both in style and functionality to this set from Radar.
They feature a robust AeroCore construction with a carbon center, offer more speed and water connection than several other brands, and are suitable for a variety of skiers as well. These skis are ideal for those weighing between 120 and 160 pounds, while the 67-inch version is for those between 150 pounds and 190 pounds.
The binders are suitable for any feet size, while the rear toe is the most adjustable on the market. What’s more, they come with a profile boot for more control and comfort than ever before. These boots have reactive wrap technology while being entirely reactive for every situation.
Everything about this water ski is going to impress, especially given how many leagues ahead of its competition it is. If you want nothing less than the best when you’re out on the water, it’s time to upgrade to this water ski from Radar.


  • AeroCore construction
  • Carbon center
  • Three lengths available
  • Various weight capacities
  • High-profile boot with reactive wrap technology
  • Adjustable rear toe
  • High-end performance

1. No Fear Grom Trainer Water Skis

If you have dreams of your children being champion water skiers, then you’ll need to start them young with this water ski set from No Fear. As an attractive, stylish, and comfortable water ski pair, it meets the mark in every possible way. Your children can gain the confidence they require to move up to larger skis, all the while learning the ropes comfortably and safely.
When you buy this water ski pair, you not only receive the skis but ways in which to train your children. They come with a tow bar, a tow rope, and the knowledge that the joining of the two skis is helping your kids to learn exceptional balance.
What’s more, these skis are 46 inches long, have a full body design, are made here in the USA, and are suitable for children between 50 and 90 pounds. Now’s the time to teach your kids the ropes, and these skis can help.


  • Suitable for training children
  • Comes with tow bar and tow rope
  • No Fear branding
  • 46 inches in length
  • Rigid cross bar
  • 50-90-pound weight capacity
  • Made in the USA

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