Best Transmission Jacks for Garage

Recommendation No. 1
BIG RED TR4053 Torin Hydraulic Garage/Shop Telescoping Transmission Floor Jack: 1/2 Ton (1,000 lb) Capacity, Red - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • 1/2 ton capacity pedestal transmission jack with 49.6 inches to 68.7 inches high lift range
  • Durable steel and dipped enamel finish
  • Designed to use with in-ground and above-ground lifts and easy to remove or install any transmission from car or light truck, manual or automatic
  • Saddle adjusts to fit any transmission and safety chain tilts forward, backward and side-to-side
  • 4-leg base with 3 inches steel wheels that swivel full 360 degrees on ball bearing casters
Recommendation No. 2
Performance Tool W41044 1/2 Ton Transmission Adapter For Passenger Car and Light Duty Truck Transmissions - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Fits all jacks with 1 5/32" removable saddle shaft. Converts floor jacks into transmission jacks.
  • Adapter head tilts 30° forward and 30° backward & includes safety chain.
  • Ideal for VW Beetle engine removal with rear engine placement
  • Transmission adapter for the removal and installation of passenger car and light duty truck transmissions
Recommendation No. 3
JEGS 79012 Transmission Jack Low Profile Capacity: 1000 lbs - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Low...
  • Capacity: 1000...
  • Lift Range: 8.5" to...
  • 360° Rotation of Pumping...
  • Adjustable Load Support...
Recommendation No. 4
HTTMT- 33" To 70"Professional Hydraulic Transmission Jack 1100 lbs/ 0.5 Ton 2 Stage for Car Lift [P/N: ET-CAR-FIX004-0.5T-YELLOW] - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Brand: HTTMT
  • This is our 1100LBS Hydraulic Pressure Transmission Jack, with which you can easily guide a transmission safely and securely. It is features fully adjustable saddle with corner brackets. Comes with foot operated pump and lowering pedal, great lift range by telescopic two-stage hydraulic ram, wide 4-leg base with swivel casters for stability and easy movement. It's ideal for any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal.
  • Suitable for Any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal
Recommendation No. 5
XKing 1660lbs Transmission Jack 2 Stage Hydraulic w/ 360° for car Lift auto Lift 0.75T - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Long safety chains for securing the transmission on the saddle
  • Fits more transmissions
  • Enhanced hydraulic pressure for greater lift range
  • Stainless bar for longer using
  • Turn the wheels upside down it can be rise to 2.37”-2.76" high ( on the listing #6 #7 picture )
Recommendation No. 6
XKMT- 33" To 70"Professional Hydraulic Transmission Jack 1100 lbs/ 0.5 Ton 2 Stage for Car Lift [P/N: ET-CAR-FIX004-0.5T-YELLOW] - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Brand: HTTMT
  • This is our 1100LBS Hydraulic Pressure Transmission Jack, with which you can easily guide a transmission safely and securely. It is features fully adjustable saddle with corner brackets. Comes with foot operated pump and lowering pedal, great lift range by telescopic two-stage hydraulic ram, wide 4-leg base with swivel casters for stability and easy movement. It's ideal for any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal.
  • Suitable for Any automotive or light truck transmission installation or removal
Recommendation No. 8
BIG RED TR4076 Torin Hydraulic Roll-Under Transmission Service/Floor Jack: 1/2 Ton (1,000 lb) Capacity, Red - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Transmission jack is ideal for everyday garage service as well as heavy-duty industrial use; Constructed of high-grade steel
  • Lifting range from 8-11/16" to 22-11/16" and a 1/2 ton (1,000 lb) load capacity; Safety-overload system prevents use beyond its rated capacity
  • Features a 360-degree rotating handle and an adjustable head and saddle; Powder-coated finish prevents rust
  • Universal mounting head with a wide forward and aft tilt, making positioning effortless
  • Equipped with (4) 360-degree swivel casters, delivering smooth and precise movements; Includes a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
Recommendation No. 10
OTC 1793A Stinger 1,000 lbs Capacity High-Lift Transmission Jack - Best Transmission Jacks for Garage
  • Universal saddle tilts front to back and side to side and features adjustable corner brackets and safety chain for optimum positioning of the load
  • Flash-chromed rams inhibit rust from entering the hydraulic system. Max. Forward Tilt - 24°, Max. Backward Tilt - 19°, Max. Side Tilt (either side) - 20°. Max. Load Capacity - 1,000 pounds
  • Foot-operated pump and lowering pedal for ease of control when positioning or removing a transmission
  • Wide leg base with 4 inch polyurethane swivel wheels that provide stability and easy maneuvering
  • Safety overload system to prevent jack from being used beyond its rated capacity

A transmission jack is one of the most convenient tools you can own as a mechanic or a DIYer in your own garage. Without one, removing or installing a transmission can be a complicated and time-consuming job.
When you’re in the market for a new jack, it’s helpful to choose one that will not only last the distance but is easy to use, convenient to maintain, is affordable, and will get the job done right.
There are so many jacks on the market, some that cater to standard cars and four-wheel-drive vehicles, and others that are for larger vehicles such as commercial trucks. Whatever you require, you are sure to find a transmission jack that suits your requirements.
However, there is one thing you must do before making a decision. You must ensure that the weight capacity is in line with the vehicle on which you are working. The lifting capacity of each can vary, with some catering to cars around 600 pounds, and others that are 4,000 pounds.
Take a look at the nine top-rated transmission jacks we’ve listed below. There is sure to be one that ticks all the boxes for size, price, lift capacity and quality.

9. Goplus Low Profile Hydraulic Transmission Jack

When you’re in the market for a transmission jack, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this Goplus low profile transmission jack could just tick all the boxes. Made of solid steel, it’s very robust and safe to use, and also has a lifting capacity of 1,100 pounds – or half a ton.
As it has a hydraulic cylinder unit, it succumbs to less wear and tear than a standard transmission jack, as well. You’re able to lift a load with lower oil pressure, and this can extend the service life.
There is more to this jack than meets the eye, however. It offers an adjustable height function – from eight-and-a-half inches to 24-and-a-half inches, and it also has a tilted saddle to mount in any position. What’s more, it’s on durable caster wheels with a pump handle which helps to secure the transmission jack in tight spaces.
Not all transmission jacks are made to last the distance, but this one is. It’s painted with high-quality paint that’s both resistant to rust and corrosion and protects the jack whether it’s in use indoors or outdoors. Whether you need to install or remove a truck or car transmission, this jack is the tool for the job. There’s every reason to consider adding it to your shopping cart today.

8. Goplus 1,100 lb. Hydraulic Transmission Jack with Pedal 360-Degree Swivel Wheel Lift Hoist

If you’re in the market for a safe, durable, affordable and long-lasting transmission jack, this one from Goplus is it. It’s capable of catering to vehicles with a maximum loading limit of 1,100 pounds or half a ton, and even has a telescopic hydraulic ram to raise the jack up 33 inches. Depending on your requirements, this flexibility is highly sought after.
Not all jacks are comfortable or convenient to use, but this one is. It has a release valve and a pedal, which means you just need to press on the pedal with your foot to lift the jack. Once the work is complete, just remove the valve, and the jack will come back down again.
The impressive features don’t end there either. It has swivel wheels that turn 360 degrees for convenient transportability, and it even has a 31-inch safety chain for peace of mind. Easy to use, easy to maintain and affordable to buy, there’s every reason to consider this transmission jack for your next automotive purchase.

7. Torin Hydraulic Transmission Floor Jack, 1,000 lb.

If you’re struggling to handle the task of installing or removing a transmission system from a car or light truck, this Torin transmission jack can help. Made from high-quality steel with an enamel finish, it’s suitable for both home garages and servicing garages for transmission removal requirements.
It has a 1,100 pound or half-ton capacity and has an exceptionally high lift range of between 49 and 68 inches. As such, it’s more than capable of helping with any transmission task you may have.
What’s more, this jack is suitable for use with an above-ground or in-ground lift, and you can use it with both automatic and manual vehicles. The sky’s the limit for what this transmission jack can do.
If you need it to be easy to transport, it ticks all the boxes here too. It has steel wheels on casters that swivel 360 degrees, a saddle which adjusts to suit any transmission, and a chain for safety that can tilt in every direction – left, right, forward, and back. Priced competitively and flexible in what it can help you to achieve, don’t delay in making this transmission jack yours.

6. Generic Low Profile Transmission Jack, 450 lb.

If you like to dabble in a little car maintenance at home, it can be difficult to shell out hundreds of dollars on a transmission jack you won’t use often. However, with this generic transmission jack, you get the best of both worlds: a competitive price tag, and a transmission jack that will do what you need.
With a capacity of 450 pounds, it’s ready and able to cater to the installation or removal of a car’s transmission. It can tilt forward at a five-degree angle for more comfortable positioning, and even has a contoured cradle of six-and-a-half inches long by 13 inches wide. This is more than suitable for dabbling with cars in your home garage.
To move it from one location to another, three-inch caster wheels will be more than sufficient, while the 43-inch long safety straps made from nylon will help you keep safer while lifting that cumbersome transmission. Weighing in at just 41 pounds, it’s a lightweight and compact jack, but it will more than suit your needs in your home garage. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars when you genuinely don’t have to.

5. Mallofusa Hydraulic Transmission Jack, 1,500 lb.

When you’re on the lookout for a new transmission jack, not just any one will do. The quality, price tag, and versatility all play a part in the decision-making process, and this Mallofusa jack is sure to tick all those boxes.
Unlike most jacks on the market that have a 1,100-pound lifting capacity, this one is capable of lifting up to 1,500 pounds of weight. What’s more, it has a lift range of between 33 and 70 inches and is fitted with two 31-inch safety chains for your safety in the workshop or at home. The job of these chains is to secure the transmission onto the saddle for removal – making your job so much easier.
This transmission jack also has a two-stage telescopic hydraulic ram to help expand the lift range, as well as a steering handle to make moving the load far easier. Everything about this transmission jack is made with your convenience in mind.
As a workshop can sometimes be quite large, having a transmission jack that’s portable is a must. This one has a four-legged base with four caster wheels which enables you to get your transmission moved around the garage with ease. When you’re ready to supply your workshop with a convenient tool for transmission removal, consider this Mallofusa transmission jack.

4. Strongway 2-Stage Telescoping Transmission Jack

When you’re working with heavy transmission units, you want to be sure that your transmission jack is up to the task. It’s all well and good to purchase a cheaply made jack to save money, but how can you know it will last? This Strongway transmission jack is more than built to last and will provide you with reliable service for a home garage, or a mechanic’s garage as well.
Durable and robust, it’s made of high-grade steel and finished with lead-free paint. As a result, it’s resistant to rust, is easy to clean off oil, dirt, and grease, and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
When you use a jack, you want it to be under as little pressure as possible, and the hydraulic unit within this jack certainly helps. By using a lower oil pressure, it results in less wear and tear than a standard, cheaper jack on the market.
The best jack is also one you can use in a range of situations, and this one fits the bill. You can use it to install or remove transmissions in light trucks or cars, and it even has a universal head to increase the tilt range. Set upon a broad base, it also has robust steel caster wheels that enable you to move the transmission to where it needs to be with ease.
It comes with a saddle tilt, can lift 1,000 pounds or half a ton of weight, and also includes a safety chain. This Strongway 2-stage telescoping transmission jack is well worth your consideration as a mechanic or a DIYer.

3. OTC Low Lift Transmission Jack, 2,200 lb.

Finding a transmission jack that can work on aerodynamic trucks with a medium-to-low ground clearance can be tough, but this OTC low-lift transmission jack could be the very thing you need.
With a low height of just eight-and-a-quarter inches, it’s suitable for most trucks that have a low ground clearance that makes the removal or installation of a transmission system challenging. It uses a pump handle that swivels to work in restricted spaces, and it works quickly to make short work of raising the lifting arm.
Everything about this jack is designed to help you speed up any transmission work. It has an easily-adjustable mounting plate that alters with the use of a wrench, and it even features mounting adaptors to suit RoadRanger and Eaton Fuller transmissions that typically feature on most heavy-duty class seven and eight trucks. There’s very little this jack can’t do, and it’s a real asset to any workshop.

2. Pittsburgh Low Profile Transmission Jack, 2000 lb.

When it comes to transmission jacks, you just want them to get the job done. However, technology today has meant that the most straightforward products have been made complicated. With this Pittsburgh low-profile jack, it’s back to basics – basics that work right every time.
This jack is a reliable, robust, and durable jack that is designed for low-profile work on vehicles such as commercial trucks with minimal room for the removal or installation of a transmission. It has a 2,000-pound lift capacity, an adjustable tilt saddle, and is made with easy-to-use features to make the entire process straightforward.
When you’re working as a truck mechanic, the last thing you want is an unreliable transmission jack, so that’s why this jack is so preferred. It’s designed to handle the immense weight and is made from quality parts to ensure it’s built to handle everyday wear, tear, and pressure.
The frame is made of heavy-duty steel with an L-beam frame, it has a wishbone design to help with those “extra” low-profile vehicles, and it can even tilt forward by 55 degrees, backward by 10 degrees, and side to side by 12 degrees. This transmission jack is the epitome of versatility. What’s more, it has a maximum lift height of 30-and-three-quarter-inches and a minimum height of six-and-three-quarter-inches.
Moving the transmission into place is also simple thanks to the three-inch caster wheels. These are made of durable metal and help to transport the transmission from A to B with ease. Don’t settle for less than the best when you can choose a jack from Pittsburgh.

1. Generic 2-Ton Low Profile Transmission Jack

If you’re more interested in a transmission jack that can get the job done than a name brand, then this is the tool for you. As a generic transmission jack, it’s designed to take care of all manner of low-profile vehicle transmission removal and installation tasks, without the added cost of paying for a “name.”
It has a 2-ton capacity – substantially more than several other jacks on the market – and it can lift between nine and 35 inches for your convenience. In fact, this transmission jack is all about convenience. You can adjust the saddle size to suit your needs, as well as the corner brackets, and the saddle can tilt forward, backward and side to side by 10 degrees.
For the home workshop or the commercial business, you will be more than satisfied by what this low-profile jack can offer. While it’s not a name brand, it’s ready and able to handle all your transmission removal and installation requirements.

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