Best Slides Shoes

Recommendation No. 1
Under Armour Men's Ignite VI SL Slide Sandal, Black (003)/Black, 9 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Adjustable synthetic strap with soft foam underneath for added comfort
  • Footbed built with two layers of Performance 4D Foam for unprecedented comfort
  • Anatomical contours provide additional cushioning
  • Re-engineered EVA outsole built with durable traction pods in heel for lightweight cushioning & comfort
Recommendation No. 2
adidas Men's Adilette Shower Slides, Black/White/White, 11 - Best Slides Shoes
  • Single-bandage synthetic upper for a soft feel
  • EVA outsole for lightweight comfort. Slip-on construction
  • Soft Cloudfoam footbed for quick-dry comfort
  • These slides mix 3-Stripes style with a comfortable cloudfoam unitsole, which combines the midsole with the outsole for superior cushioning. Finished with a bold linear logo on the side.
Recommendation No. 3
adidas Women's Adilette Aqua, White/Black, 9 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Regular fit; Slip-on construction
  • Single-bandage synthetic upper for durability
  • Soft Cloudfoam footbed for quick-dry comfort
  • Synthetic outsole
  • Outsole displays UK sizing due to manufacturer defect, please refer to US size labeled on box
Recommendation No. 4
DC Men's Bolsa Slide Sandal, Black, 11 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Sporty slide sandal in pebbled faux leather featuring contrast logo at center
  • Dual-density EVA foam midsole
  • Signature pill texture at footbed and outsole
Recommendation No. 5
Under Armour Women's Ignite IX SL Slide Sandal, Black (002)/Pink Surge, 10 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Adjustable synthetic strap with soft foam underneath for added comfort
  • Footbed built with two layers of Performance 4D Foam for unprecedented comfort
  • Anatomical contours provide additional cushioning
  • Re-engineered EVA outsole built with durable traction pods in heel for lightweight cushioning & comfort
Recommendation No. 6
adidas Women's Adissage Slide, Black/White/Black, 11 - Best Slides Shoes
  • Adjustable fit; Hook-and-loop closure
  • Single-bandage EVA upper for lightweight comfort
  • EVA massage nubs on footbed
  • Cloudfoam midsole and memory foam sockliner for step-in comfort and superior cushioning
Recommendation No. 7
adidas Men's Alphabounce Slide Sport Sandal, Black/Black/Black, 13 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Synthetic single-bandage upper provides comfort and durability
  • EVA outsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Soft foam lining for comfort
  • Bounce provides energized comfort all day
Recommendation No. 8
adidas Men's Adilette Comfort Slide Sandal, Black/Black/White, 10 - Best Slides Shoes
  • Contoured footbed
  • Injected EVA outsole for lightweight comfort
Recommendation No. 9
New Balance Women's 200 V1 Slide Sandal, Floral/White, 11 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Strong and Versatile Slide Sandals: These New Balance sandals feature strong, durable and comfortable outsoles, ideal for anything from post-workout recovery to trips to the beach
  • Modern Construction for an Outstanding Fit: The leather/mesh upper on these New Balance kids' running shoes features a stitched-down tip and foxing details to provide flexible support and durability
  • Soft Underfoot Cushioning: The ABZORB midsole absorbs impact through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance, giving these kids' running shoes a comfortable feel that lasts all day
  • Designed for Support and Durability: These kids' performance shoes feature a strong rubber outsole to offer long-lasting durability, built to stand up to daily use and playground wear-and-tear
  • Available in a Range of Colors: From neutral tones to bold hues, these cushioned running shoes for kids are available in a range of shades to suit the style and color preferences of your little one
Recommendation No. 10
New Balance Men's 100 V1 Slide Sandal, Black/Black, 9 M US - Best Slides Shoes
  • Slide Into Comfort: Our 100 slide sandals provide quick-and-easy comfort at the pool, beach, locker room or anywhere in between. Simply slide into these casual sandals and get comfy
  • Breathable and Durable Kids Running Shoes: The synthetic and mesh upper provides incredible breathability and a durable fit and feel, while the strong rubber outsole adds traction and durability
  • Durable No-Sew Tip: These New Balance kids' running shoes feature a no-sew tip for durability, in addition to a sleek fit and feel, which is great for long days of outdoor play and nonstop fun
  • The Perfect Fit for Active Kids: This pair of comfortable kids' running shoes provides a solid yet comfortable fit, perfect for your little one to wear at school, during practice or on the playground
  • Cool Appearance: The crowd-pleasing, athletic styling of these kids' performance shoes will make every step stand out. Busy kids will love the eye-catching colors as they streak across the field

The best slide shoes are made with your true comfort in mind. They are easily available in markets, forums and online, and you are given a wide array of choices when it comes to the styles, colors and sizes. Slide shoes are incredibly sturdy and light in weight so you can relax your feet especially in summers. They are great for walking or a beach day. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the best slide shoes.
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What are Slides Shoes?

Slides shoes or sliders, are a form of footwear that are designed like flip flops with added details. Most of them are backless and have an open toe area, and cover your feet with a single wide strap or a patterned sequence going across the toes.
Slides shoes can have a heel or be completely flat. These shoes are called ‘slides’ because of their ease of use, as all it takes is to slide your feet inside and get going without any laces or Velcro. These shoes have good traction and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Uses of Slides shoes

Slides have a unique, sporty look and some of them are customized to be functional for participation in sports and other recreational activities. But the main purpose of slides is for casual outings and comfort wear. You can use these during strolls in the park, beachwear, summer barbecues, outdoor picnics, and for poolside and every day errands. They can also be used as slippers for kitchen or bathroom use, as they have good traction and can be worn safely on slippery or wet surfaces.
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Slides shoes may seem to be simple, but most designs are pretty high fashion and stylish. They can be paired with every day clothes especially in hot days when you need the liberty to move around and keep yourself comfortable and cool.

Materials Used for Slides

Slides shoes can be made from a number of materials depending on their use. The casual slides are usually made from rubber and polyester. Some comfortable indoor varieties are made with cotton or wool to keep your feet warm. These are mostly found in hotel rooms and have a woolen or cotton outer surface with a rubber sole.
More formal and sophisticated variety of slides is made from suede and leather. These go well with formal wear and can even be worn in parties for a contemporary fashion style. Some of the slides even feature removable patches or lace.
Other materials that can be used in slides shoes include elastic straps and contoured gel foot beds. The high fashion slides can also have feathers, furs and pearls adorned as an outlay to enhance their design and give them a fun, girly look.

Types of Slides Shoes

There are many kinds of slides shoes available in the market. Here are some of the most common types.

  • The Mule – Mule or Clog is a diverse variety of slide shoes. It has an open back and doesn’t cover the ankles but the front is closed. These kinds of slides go way back in fashion, as you can even see Marilyn Monroe flaunting them in the 1950s! You can find them in a variety of styles to capture todays modern fashion trends.
  • Crocs – Crocs are a surgeon’s favorite footwear. The reason is simply because of the amount of comfort and arch support provided can help them stand in long surgeries for hours without pain or discomfort. These are also closed in the toe area but they have several holes in it. They provide excellent traction and are easy to wear. The only catch is that they don’t support the heel so the major grip comes from the toes.
  • Wedge Slide – Wedge slides are the trendier version of these shoes. They have varied height of the heels and usually have an open toe with stylish elastic straps to cover your feet. They are designed for casual wear when going out with friends or having an outdoor trip to the park or beach on a hot day.
  • Slides Sans Heels – Slides sans heels are the comfortable version of painful and disproportionate heel shoes. They are comfortable and classy, and usually have toe straps and metal hardware to combine fashion with comfort.
  • Moccasin – Moccasin are slides made from deerskin or other variety of soft leather. It has a sole that is also made with leather and the sides and top are stitched together. They are very flexible and soft and can often be adorned with beading or embroidery patterns. It can be worn both inside and outdoors.
  • Flip-flops – Flip flops are the ultimate comfort shoes. They are casual wear slides that have a completely flat sole and are usually made from leather with plastic or rubber straps. Their typical feature is the toe thong passing between first and second toes of the feet.
  • Slippers – These are mostly designed for indoors. They are typical, traditional slide on shoes for comfort wear and can be made with soft, wooly materials.

History of Slides Shoes

Slides were used as early as the times of the Ancient Rome. That too because of the documentation, otherwise their use can even be traced back to the Ancient Greece and Egypt history. They gained popularity in US because of their ease of wear and comfort fit, and they became a very popular summer wear in the late 1960s.
Their vibrant color and pleasing aesthetics with a wide option of trendy customization and motifs caught everyone’s attention. Birkenstock brand in Germany manufactured the first fitness slide that had a fairly simple design with a buckled leather strap, after which many forms of the slides were introduced by Adidas and other brands.

Key Considerations when Choosing Slides

The main thing to consider when buying slides shoes is their functionality. If you are looking for simple, casual wear slides, you can go for a more generic and standard style that is tough and sturdy enough to last you a couple years. If you want it for a job where you have to stand all day, the more comfortable options with removable insoles and a good arch support is necessary.
Some slides can have some extent of back support for your heel while others can have a closed toe design depending on your preference. Standard slides are mostly open toed and don’t cover the back of the feet. You can also go for the trendier designs with wedges and patterns that can be used for parties or even formal wear. Some slides have a special custom design, keeping the sports activity in mind to give you comfort and functionality.
You can even get the slides shoes customized according to your own taste and fit. They are usually a little bigger than your standard shoe size, and they are great for flat footed people. The arch support and traction gives you ease of motion and comfort and coolness in hot summer days.
Another thing to consider while buying slide shoes is the durability and warranty of the product. This depends on the brands and manufacturer of the shoes, so make sure you look into the return policy and warranty. Size and fit is usually not an issue when it comes to slides but its best to try them on once before buying.

1. Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide Cross-Trainer Shoe

These slides shoes are a breeze for your feet. The light weighted construction and comfortable design keeps your feet dry and relaxed. They are great for poolside and locker rooms and make you feel quite light and free. The stylish one piece design can also pass as a casual every day wear and the padded foot bed will keep your feet pain free if you need to stand for long hours, especially on a hot day.
Features and Design
The Under Armour III Men’s Slide Sandals have a compact and sturdy, one piece construction. They are made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which adds a softness and flexibility to the slides, making them resilient and bendy. The slides shoes have a standard open toe design with a single wide strap to cover your feet.
It is an easy to wear, slip on design without the hassle of buckle or lacing. The rubber sole is thick enough to provide good traction on wet and slippery surfaces. It keeps your feet anchored to the ground and also provides comfort and cushioning to the feet. This also prevents any injury or damage as a result of stones or sharp objects. The rubber is quite robust and absorbs high impact forces. The slides have a good arch support but they don’t provide support or coverage at the heel area. They can be worn with or without socks.
Water Repellent
The material of the outsole, foot bed and strap is water repellent, so it keeps your feet dry. The surface of the slides dry out very quickly when it comes in contact with water. The re-designed core style is more comfortable and enhances your performance. The superior water repellent and quick drying technology makes these slides ideal for poolside and locker rooms with wet and soggy surfaces. The shoes come in black and navy and are available in a wide range of sizes. Make sure that you get the right size as the width can be a bit narrow on wider feet.

  • Sturdy and durable single-piece construction.
  • Water repellent material and quick drying.
  • Flexible and easy to wear.
  • Keeps the feet dry and comfortable.


  • Narrow fit on wider feet.

2. Adidas Men’s Alphabounce Slide

Adidas is a world renowned brand and quite reliable for their sturdy and long lasting footwear. The alphabounce slides shoes by Adidas are great for a number of activities. They are versatile and stylish while keeping your comfort in mind. The sleek design with lugs gives you traction to make it wearable on rough and slippery surfaces safely. You can use it for every day casual wear, or for poolside, gym and locker rooms. Get them in a bold active red color and set your style apart from everyone else.
Construction and Design
The slides shoes have a pure synthetic construction with a durable and thick rubber sole. The rubber sole is responsible for ample degrees of cushioning which gives your feet comfort even on rough and uneven surfaces. It also has springiness and impact resistance to keep your feet safe.
The slides are open in the toe region and don’t have a back support. It covers over the feet with a single wide strap with a stylish pattern. The sole also has lining and patterns to accommodate the natural contours of the feet and comply with the arch curvature. The single bandage upper is made from long lasting synthetic material to give you a one of a kind look and add years to the durability of the slides.
Power-Transferring Bounce Midsole
The slides also feature a soft foam lining for added comfort and cushioning. The rubber is so springy that it has a power transferring bounce in the midsole of the slides that gives you stability and safety on all terrains. The EVA outsole is quite light in weight so it doesn’t hold your feet down and give you an easy and relaxed feeling while you walk. It also has great traction to keep your feet steady and anchored.
The slides have a wide fit and are available in active red, black and white colors. They are very low maintenance and long lasting.

  • Sturdy rubber sole.
  • Power transferring bounce midsole.
  • Good cushioning and soft foam lining for added comfort.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.


  • The size runs bigger so they can feel wide on narrow feet.

3. NIKE Women’s Benassi Just Do It Synthetic Sandal

The Benassi Just Do It Slides by Nike are comfortable and trendy. They are made with special care to fit and compliment a women’s feet while providing comfort and resilience. The cushioning is especially great on these slides and they feel quite supportive and firm while walking on varying terrains. There is cushioning under the straps as well and lasts for a very long time. Mix and match these stylish slides with your everyday outfits or use them as casual wear.
Construction and Design
The slides shoes have a sturdy and durable construction with synthetic sole and rubber. It has a slight curve to conform to the natural curvature of the feet to give you good balance and comfort while walking. The shaft of the slides measure approximately low top from the arch of the feet. It has a slight raise of 0.5 inches that adds to the cushioning and comfort of the slides. It also has a degree of springiness and bounce that is light on the feet and impact resistance while walking on rough or uneven surfaces.
The synthetic upper has a wide single strap covering the feet with a stylish Nike icon in pink. The jersey lining and foam package adds comfort and durability to the slides, but due to the extra foaming under the strap, it isn’t wearable in wet conditions.
Treaded Phylon Foam Midsole
Phylon is made from compressed foam pellets made from EVA. They undergo compression molding under heat and is sculpted into a traditional design that best supports the natural contours and curvatures of the feet. These can be identified by fine wrinkles, and are quite durable and dense. They keep the feet stable and also reinforce impact resistance and cushioning. The foot bed also has textured phylon foam for unbeatable versatility and comfort. They can be paired with every day outfits or worn for a number of outdoor activities.

  • Phylon foam midsole.
  • Comfortable textured foot bed.
  • Added padding in the straps.
  • Impact resistance and comfortable.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.


  • The strap is not adjustable and feels tight on wider feet.

4. Adidas Men’s Voloomix Slide Sandal

The Voloomix Slides are exclusively built for post workout comfort and relaxation. They give your tired and weary feet a much needed rest and cushioning. The cushioned leather like bandage of the slides is highly comfortable and feels plush against the feet. They are great for showers and locker rooms post workout but the stylish collegiate navy and metallic silver colors can be mixed and matched with every day outfits and casual wear too. The textured and contoured foot bed provides cushioning and the slides are fairly light in weight to give your feet a natural and light feel.
Construction and Design
These men’s slides shoes have a comfortable and standard design with open back and a single strap covering the foot with open toe region. The upper is made from synthetic mix materials that provide durability and support while keeping your feet comfortable and relaxed. The light degree of padding is gentle on the feet, especially after a hard workout in the gym. The outsole has lugs and patterns to provide cushioning in wet and slippery surfaces, so they can be safely used in the shower. They keep the feet anchored and stable. The rubber sole also provides cushioning and springiness that has varying degrees of impact resistance on turbulent and rocky surfaces.
Injected EVA outsole
EVA is a very lightweight and sturdy material. It provides cushioning and comfort to the feet and also gives you lightness and stability. The strap of the slides is wide and single piece with foam cushioning. It has a robust construction to accommodate men’s feet and give some room for movements. The iconic bold Adidas brand mark is emblazoned on it and gives it an added appeal. The textile lining on the foot bed and contoured design conforms to the natural shape of the feet and makes the surface stable and comfortable to walk on. They are not hard on the feet and fairly low maintenance and long lasting.

  • Foam cushioning on upper strap.
  • Textured and contoured foot bed.
  • Lightweight and sturdy outsole.
  • Resilient and durable material.


  • The width runs small.

5. Adidas Women’s Adilette CF+ Logo W Slide Sandal

Slide into these comfortable and luxurious easy to wear women’s slides post workout and give your feet a much needed rest. They are designed to conform to the natural contours and curvature of a women’s feet. The construction is robust and quite light in weight to give you a gentle and relaxed sensation with textured foot bed and wide strap to provide room for movement. The stylish color and look of the slides is great for everyday use and pairing up with casual outfits to combine comfort with style.
Construction and Design
These Adidas women’s slides have a standard construction with a wide, single upper strap and open toe and back region. The single bandage synthetic upper is quite comfortable and the slides come in a variety of colors. The rubber sole has ample thickness to give you comfort in every step. It also has varied degrees of impact resistance. The rubber is resilient and provides good traction so the slides can be used on slippery and wet surfaces safely. The springiness and thickness is ideal for varied terrains and post workout showers.
The outsole has EVA construction that is very light in weight and highly durable material. It combines sturdiness with longevity and is fairly low maintenance.
Cloudfoam plus Foot Bed
The Cloudfoam plus foot bed is made extra plush with added cushioning to give your feet comfort and rest after high intensity workouts. They can also be used for every day wear or casual wear due to their trendy design and bold colors. The contoured foot bed gives you pillow soft comfort and cushioning. It is wide enough to accommodate women’s feet and also has a slight curvature that resembles the natural contours of the feet. The size runs bigger so if you have a narrow feet, order one size down for a comfortable and relaxed fit.

  • Stylish design and colors.
  • Cloudfoam plus foot bed with additional cushioning.
  • EVA outsole.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Durable and sturdy materials.


  • The glitter strips on the strap starts peeling off with repeated use.

6. Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal – Slide On, Protective Footwear for Men and Women

Public pools and communal showers can sometimes be your worst nightmare. The amount of bacteria and germs they harbor is astounding even when cleaned. These fungal strains can result in a number of skin infections and inflammatory conditions including painful rashes and even athlete’s foot and thrush. With the Vertico Shower and Poolside slides, you can rest assured about the safety and comfort of your feet from these harmful germs. The durable and high quality slides have an impressive heavy duty tread and antibacterial treatment to provide safety with comfort.
Construction and Design
The slides are quite adaptive and versatile. They can be used for a number of water related activities and worn safely on wet and slippery surfaces. Use it safely in the public dorm showers, gym showers and pools and public pool sides without a worry. The sleek and stylish design also makes them wearable with casual and everyday outfits. It provides tremendous comfort and keeps your feet relaxed.
The high quality materials used for the construction of these slides make them waterproof. The upper strap is made like a perforated bridge. The design of the strap makes ventilation easier and releases trapped moisture and sweat, keeping your feet dry and clean. The durable rubber tread with its varying patterns and lugs will keep your feet safely anchored and secure.
The insoles are also quite comfortable with closed cell EVA construction and thin memory foam in the foot bed. The open toe slides are light in weight and extremely comfortable and gentle on the feet.
Protection against Germs and Bacteria
Going barefoot in public pool and showers can be quite dangerous for your skin because of the bacterial and fungal strains harboring in these damp areas. These comfortable and versatile slides provide protection against these germs and keep your feet safe and clean at all times. They have good ventilation and keeps the feet stable and secure over slippery surfaces.

  • Ventilated upper strap.
  • Thin memory foam lining in foot bed for cushioning.
  • Sleek and trendy design.
  • Versatile and lightweight.
  • Quick drying and waterproof.


  • Takes time to break into the slides.

7. Adidas Men’s Adissage SC Slide Sandal

Adidas has a fine line of comfortable and reliable slides for men. The Adissage SC Slides are very comfortable and adjustable. They are quite versatile and can be used on wet surfaces as well as for everyday activities and casual wear. They give comfort and rest to tired feet and provide cushioning and support with a contoured and plush foot bed. Use them in showers, locker rooms and poolside with safety and comfort. The slides are light and gentle on the feet and the custom fitting strap gives you the right level of snugness and fit.
Construction and Design
They slides are available in black and white striped design with the iconic Adidas logo embossed on its strap. It has a very trendy and stylish look. The slides are constructed purely with PU coasted synthetic material that is sturdy and durable. The synthetic sole has a tough rubber construction that provides cushioning and springiness with every step.
The synthetic bandage upper has a single wide strap that covers the feet, leaving the toe region open. It has a hook and loop adjustable closure to give you a custom fit which is one of the most impressive features of these slides shoes. The foot bed has an additional synthetic lining for comfort and compression.
Super-Soft Ultra Foam Foot Bed
The soft and plush foot bed is contoured and patterned to give you a light and natural feel while being extremely gentle on the feet. It has a water resistant super cloud EVA molded foot bed that is quick to dry and can be used safely on damp and wet surfaces and in showers and pools. It also has some degree of odor control and prevents moisture buildup and sweat. They are well ventilated and light in weight. The injected EVA outsole further adds to the comfort and impact resistance of the slides.

  • Hook and loop adjustable closure of the upper strap for custom fit.
  • Extra soft foot bed with ultra-foam thickness.
  • Quick drying and odor resistant.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • The rim in the outsole can gather debris and water, making it difficult to clean.

8. Under Armour Women’s Playmaker Fix Slide Sneaker

Make your summers cool and playful with the Under Armour Women’s Slides. The fun and trendy design and color of these slides makes you stand out, be it pool parties or everyday errands. The loud pink color with varying textures and patterns are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. It gives you the freedom of movement and keeps your feet cool with perforations and venting. It has additional foaming in the straps and foot bed to provide you ultimate comfort and relaxation.
Construction and Design
These slip on slides have an open toe and back design with a single wide and fixed upper strap in a contrasting color to give the slides more personality and color pop. The slides have strategically placed perforations in the upper to further increase the ventilation of the shoes, making them ideal for summer wear. The durable and sturdy rubber is springy and robust. It provides good traction and makes the slides safe to use around poolside and showers.
The inner lining of the straps provide further cushioning and relaxation to the feet. The construction is fairly light in weight and gentle on the feet. The outsole has patterns and lugs to anchor the feet and provide traction on wet and slippery surfaces.
EVA Outsole and Underfoot Cushioning
The drop in EVA foot bed has patterns and textures that conform to the natural contours of the feet. It has underfoot cushioning along with an EVA outsole that provides impact resistant on varying terrains and keep the feet safe. They have bounce and cushioning for added comfort. The solid synthetic construction provides durability and traction. The light weight and soft slides are affordable and require a fairly low maintenance. The size runs a little big so if you have a narrow feet, order a size smaller.

  • Perforated strap for extra ventilation.
  • Light weight and affordable.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Extra plush lining in the upper strap.
  • Comfortable and cushioning foot bed and outsole.


  • Insufficient arch support.
  • The slides can feel wider on narrow feet.
  • Nonadjustable upper strap.

9. Adidas Men’s Adilette Comfort Slide Sandal

Get into the warm summer feel with this comfortable and relaxed pair of slides. The bold patterns and classy design of the Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides will give you style and comfort on all terrains. It has a sleek look and comfortable foot bed. These versatile shoes can be worn for many purposes. You can use if post workout for a relaxing shower or in public pools and locker rooms. They also go well with everyday casual outfits.
Construction and Design
These slides are constructed to conform the natural contours of men’s feet. They are wide enough to be paired with socks. It has a slip-on, open toe construction with a single wide strap that is nonadjustable but roomy enough to give you a little wiggle space.
They have a solid synthetic construction with durable rubber and thick soles. These provide great cushioning for the feet and add springiness and bounce in every step. They are also impact resistant and absorb harmful forces to protect the feet on uneven and rough surfaces. The outsole provides good traction so these slides can be safely worn on slippery surfaces. It anchors and stabilizes the feet to the ground.
The slides do not have back support but the arch of the shoes is curved to conform to the natural curvature of the feet. The sole also has a plush lining with varying patterns that add to the comfort of the slides. The upper has a durable synthetic construction with bold patterns and colors.
The shoes are quick drying and don’t absorb water. They can be worn in pools and showers. The crisscross pattern of the outsoles increases the surface area of the shoes to give you maximum traction. The foot bed is smooth and wide enough to accommodate large feet. The slides are low maintenance and quick drying, and backed with excellent customer service.

  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Good traction and arch support.
  • Super comfortable and light in weight.
  • Trendy design and colors.
  • Versatile and resilient.


  • Non-adjustable upper strap.
  • Can be bigger on narrow feet.

10. Nike Men’s Ultra Comfort Slide

The ultra-comfort slides shoes by Nike live well up to their name with superior comfort and cushioning. They deliver a very snug and custom fit that keeps your feet fresh and relaxed all day long. The slides have enhanced cushioning and padding with flex grooves and curved foot bed that is gentle and light on the feet. It has a solid and robust construction that lasts for many years. The slides can be paired up with everyday outfits or used for post workout showers, pool sides and locker rooms.
Construction and Design
The synthetic leather strap upper of these slides has a wide solid construction with adjustable and custom fit. It has a soft inner lining to further reinforce the cushioning and comfort of the slides. It has a classic slip on and open toe and back design with curvature and paddings.
The midsole has foam that provides ultimate comfort. The extra paddings also make the slides very light in weight so that they don’t hold your feet down. They have average thickness and good traction to give you stability and anchor your feet on slippery and wet surfaces. The added cushioning of the midsole also provides a certain degree of impact resistant on varying terrains so that your feet are safe and secure from harmful forces and uneven ground.
Contoured Outsole with Flex Grooves
The outsole and foot bed features flex grooves and contoured EVA construction that promote a natural and free movement of the feet. They are quite comfortable to walk on and thick enough to support the feet and run along its natural curvature. It has a simple, sleek and classy design and is available in two shades of grey with perforated upper marked with the icon of Nike. The slides are 100% authentic, durable and backed up with excellent customer service.

  • Adjustable upper leather strap for custom fit of slides.
  • Flex grooves for freedom of movement.
  • Extra cushioning and padding in the foot bed and midsole.
  • Durable and authentic slides.


  • The construction is not very sturdy and the side stitches come loose with time.

11. XOXO Women’s Dylan Slide Sandal

The XOXO women’s slides shoes are fashion forward and trendy. You can dress them up or dress them down to match your outfits and have comfort and style at the same time. They are especially made for casual and party wear and has a very sleek and modern design with attractive colors. The slides are super comfy and light in weight and provide good amount of support and cushioning to the feet all day long. Use these slides as a casual, classy wear and enjoy the easy going, stable and comfortable design.
Construction and Design
The XOXO Platform slides have double strap upper construction that is slightly wide to give enough room for wiggling the feet around and keeping moisture and sweat at bay. The neutral and elegant colors make these slides quite versatile and wearable with most casual or everyday outfits. The synthetic sole of the slides is sturdy and durable and provides cushioning and support to the feet. They are also shock absorbent and impact resistant.
The platform of these slides is about 1 inches high so it gives you a lift and support the feet. The inner straps and foot bed are lightly padded and very gentle on the feet. The outsole is thick and sturdy, and provides good amount of traction. These slides are not suitable for damp and slippery surfaces, as they are not waterproof. The straps are loose and high so the shoes can have a wider fit on narrow feet. They are low maintenance but the neutral tan and white colors can get dirty quickly.
Walking all day in these slides give you the same comfort and feel of sneakers but the design and construction of the slides gives you a more trendy and classy look that can be worn with party wear as well as casual outfits.

  • Sleek and stylish design with neutral colors.
  • 1 inches high platform.
  • Ample cushioning to provide day long comfort to the feet.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Light weight and easy to wear.


  • The straps are wide and too big on narrow feet.
  • The lighter colors tend to get dirty fairly quick.

12. Fendou Slides for Women House Sandals Pool Slides for Women

Fendou slides are perfect for all season and great for both indoor and outdoor use. They have standard black and white color with options of tasteful and witty writing on the strap. The design is constantly updated to provide you the best in terms of comfort and style. These slides can be paired up with casual, everyday wear, or used for indoor purposes as well as for post workout showers, pools, beaches and spa.
Construction and Design
The slides have a standard construction with single wide strap and open toe design. The strap is nonadjustable but super comfortable and easy to slide into. The slides are made with high quality and durable synthetic material that is very light in weight and easy and gentle on the feet. The rubber sole is thick enough and has tactile impression to give you stability and support especially on wet and slippery surfaces.
The rubber sole is thick enough to absorb harmful forces and provide varied degrees of impact resistant on uneven and rough surfaces. It also provides cushioning and comfort to the feet and has springiness and bounce.
Non-Slip Design
The non-slip design of these slides make them truly versatile and multipurpose. They have a concave-convex alternating surface that increases the surface area and friction between the feet and vamp. This prevents sliding and slips. It anchors your feet firmly to the ground and provide stability and traction to the feet. For this reason, you can wear them safely in pools and showers. They are also very quick drying and low maintenance. They keep your feet dry and clean all day long, and prevent moisture buildup and excessive sweat that can lead to odor formation. You can get these slides in 4 stylish designs and wear it round the year in comfort and style.

  • Sturdy and robust construction.
  • Easy to wear and light in weight.
  • Anti-slip design of the outsole with good traction.
  • Versatile and low maintenance.


  • They tend to run a size up and can be loose on narrow feet.

13. WODEBUY Men’s Shower Sandals Anti-slip Fast Dry Flip Flop Flats Bathroom and Gym Slider Sandals for Men

Men’s slide by wodebuy are multipurpose slides that can be used on slippery and damp surfaces with ease and safety. They have a standard slides open toe design that’s easy to wear. The most notable quality of these slides is the excellent amount of traction provided by them. They anchor and secure the feet and prevent accidental slippage. The design and patterns on the outsole and foot bed provide good grip and support to the feet and make these slides ideal for bathroom, pools, showers, beach and spa.
Construction and Design
The slides are made from EVA and rubber and have a synthetic sole. They are sturdy and robust and makes the slides highly durable and low maintenance. They are also very light in weight.
The slides have a number of attractive features. They are waterproof and quick drying so they keep your feet clean and dry. This can also help prevent a number of skin allergies and rashes in public pool and showers. The construction of the slides makes them breathable and allow air to pass so that sweat and moisture buildup is prevented
Anti-Slip Design
The main feature of these slides is the traction they provide on wet and slippery surfaces. The crisscross pattern on the outsole and the foot bed makes them very firm and solid. They have great grip and suction so they keep the feet anchored firmly and give you stability and safety. This prevents injuries and accidents due to slippage. The thick rubber sole also provides impact resistant and is shock absorbent. The slides are very comfortable and relaxing as they follow the natural contours of the feet.
The product comes with a 100% free return guarantee within 15 days of purchase. They are reliable and backed up with excellent customer service and warranty.

  • Quick drying and water resistant.
  • Anti-slip grip and good traction.
  • Breathable and light in weight.
  • Comfortable and provide good cushioning to the feet.


  • The sole is a little firm and rigid.

14. FUNKYMONKEY Bathroom Shower Sandal Men’s Women’s Indoor Home Beach Non Slip Slippers

These unisex slides are made exclusively for indoor use. They are very gentle and light in weight so they can be worn all day without any discomfort, but their main use is for bathroom and for other wet and slippery surfaces. They have good grip and anti-slip traction that keeps you safe on wet and damp surfaces like bathroom, pool, beach and showers. They have a nice and comfortable fit and provide cushioning and support to the feet.
Construction and Design
These slides have a very concise and simple style with diamond patterns running along its course from strap to the foot bed. They are raised to give more of a 3D effect. The solid colors and available for both men and women and have a very casual and easy going style. You can also wear them for casual use while running errands or going to the beach.
The material used for the construction of these slides is durable and light weight EVA. The slides weigh around 200g and are very light on the feet. They have a nice flex and bend with thick soles that give cushioning and comfort to the feet. They also have springiness and rebound quality that relieves pain after a long workout and gives your feet a much needed rest and relaxation.
Anti-Slip Design
The slides have a sole with raised, diamond shaped design that increases its surface area and provides good traction and grip to the feet on slippery surfaces. The high elastic EVA used for its construction is slip resistance and increases the amount of friction to keep a good balance and steady feet.
These slides can be used in indoor bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, gym, showers, spa, steam rooms, beaches and dorms. They have wide applications and come with a good warranty and excellent customer service.

  • Elegant and concise design.
  • Anti-slip grip and good traction.
  • Wide applications and uses.
  • Provide good cushioning to the feet and light weight material/
  • Durable with rebound ability.


  • Tight fit on wide feet.
  • Nonadjustable strap.

15. Starter Men’s Performance Slide Sandal, Amazon Exclusive

These slides shoes for men are perfect for indoor use, and pool sides and beaches. They are light and comfortable on your feet and give you a breezy, fresh feeling all day long! The sturdy and robust construction and design of the shoes make them comfortable and also provide good traction on varied terrains. The contouring conforms to the natural curvature of the feet and the classy and simple design can be worn for errands and casual wear on a hot day.
Construction and Design
The slides have standard open toe with a single wide strap that is nonadjustable and has starter logo on the upper. The slides are available in black, red, and navy and black with silver starter logo that stands out from all other designs.
These slides are ideal for wet and slippery surfaces as they give you suction and grip to prevent any accidental slippage. The varied patterns and texture on the outsole increase the surface area and friction, providing good traction to the feet and keeping them stable and steady.
The slides are very light in weight and the sole is thick enough to provide a good amount of cushioning to the feet and a slight rebound with every step. This also makes the slides impact resistant and shock absorbent. The foot bed is contoured to support and stabilize the feet without exerting pressure or being too stiff. The slides are very durable and low maintenance. They dry out very quickly when they come in contact with water, and this feature also helps in prevention of excessive moisture or sweat buildup.
The nonadjustable strap can be a bit tight on wider feet, so it’s recommended to get one size up. Enjoy these versatile and comfortable slides in your next pool or beach party, or use it as a post workout footwear during shower or locker room visits.

  • Quick dry and water resistant.
  • Anti-slip grip and decent traction on wet and slippery surfaces.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • High quality construction and light in weight.


  • Can be tight on wider feet.
  • Nonadjustable strap.

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