Best Swimming Pool Heaters

Recommendation No. 1
1500W Immersion Heater, Gesail UL-Listed Bucket Water Heater with 304 Stainless-steel Guard, Submersible Bucket Heater with Thermostat and Auto Shutoff, Perfect for Home Travel and Winter Job - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • High Power: 1500W, 120V(MUST USE 15A OUTLET, THIS HEATER IS 12.5A CURRENT) travel immersion water heater, High power for quickly heating, heats 5 gallons of water in few minutes, portable immersion heater will heat water continuously over 180 degrees F and towards boiling(It can't boil water).greatly saving your time. Note:people can't be in the water while the heater is working.
  • Thermostat and Auto Shut off - The middle stainless steel tube contains a thermal overload safety switch, when water reaches a certain temperature(about 180-194 degrees F), immersion heater for water can automatically cycle on and off to maintain water temperature. It will not overheating and save power.Dry burning will auto shut off power to avoid catching fire.
  • 304 Stainless-steel Guard - The heavy duty 304 stainless-steel guard on the electric bucket heater protects the heating element from directly contacting persons or animals. The holes on the guard help release heat into the water faster.
  • Simple Operation - Immerse in water at proper level. Plug into any grounded wall outlet. Check power indicator light in plug to make sure the water bucket heater is on. then the portable water heater starts working. Warning: the cord and handle can't be submerged in water.
  • UL-Listed against to the US safety standards, 12-month warranty. Package included: 1 pack bucket heater + Manual.
Recommendation No. 2
GESAIL 1500W Immersion Heater, Submersible Water Heater With Stainless Steel Guard, Immersion Heater Used For Camping Water Heater And Pool Heater With UL Listed,Heat Water In Minites (White) - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • GESAIL2020 latest immersion water heater bring you a better experience. Light and portable water heater Quick Heating Speed, GESAIL 1500w pool heater ensures quickly heat 5 gallons water in minutes, While immersed, pool heaters for above ground pools will heat continuously past 212 degrees F and towards boiling.
  • Durable water heater: the cord and plugs with UL Listed , the pool heater & water heater use waterproof AB glue that can be used as bucket heater, with 304 stainless steel guard. Heavy duty use as pool heaters for above ground pools.
  • Multiple protection: Full Immersion Water Heater has a high-quality 304 Stainless-steel Guard to prevent the heating element from directly contacting people or animals. GESAIL 1500w immersion heater fixed 304 stainless steel guard well avoid falling off , the portable pool heaters for above ground pools during the use.
  • Easy to use: Immerse water heater in water at an appropriate level and plug pool heater into any grounded wall outlet. Then the 1500 W GESAIL immersion heater start working.
  • Widely Application:Unlike other bucket heater, this 1500 W GESAIL water heater is portable water heater. You can use as bathtub water heater on trip, wash a pet, water heater for farm animals in winter, essentials as camping water heater, heat swimming pool as pool heater, animal husbandry, car washing, Submersible water heater will do the jobs.
Recommendation No. 3
SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet, Black - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • Simple DIY installation; for in ground or above ground pools
  • Installs on roof, rack, ground or fence
  • Patented web design for maximum exposure to sun's rays
  • Uses existing pool pump
  • Raises pool water temperature 6-10 degrees F
Recommendation No. 4
EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater, 27kW, 240 Volt, 112.5 Amps with Self Modulating Technology - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • Flow Activation
  • Eco smart Pool Heaters are compact and easy to install for a new or existing pool
  • Set your temperature digitally to increments of 1-Degree. Set it and forget it.
  • Compatible with Eco smart Remote Control. Activation Flow - 12 +/- 2 GPM
  • Can be used as an alternative to or booster to heat pump.
Recommendation No. 5
Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • The Hayward Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater delivers premium heating performance for years of reliable, long-lasting comfort
  • A durable cupro nickel heat exchanger offers exceptional protection against corrosion and premature failure caused by unbalanced water chemistry
  • Industry-leading hydraulic design reduces circulation pump run time to provide major energy savings
  • Front-panel-only access and intuitive control pad provide easy operation, service and maintenance
  • Low NOx emissions meet air quality standards in all low-NOx areas, ensuring low environmental impact
Recommendation No. 6
FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • 100% Titanium heat exchanger
  • Quick disconnect piping, 1 1/2" pvc and 17 Amps power-220 volts
  • Digital display and controller
  • 16" x 40" footprint, slim fit
  • US Department of Energy top Energy Efficient System, 25 cents per hour
Recommendation No. 7
Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover | 1200 Series | Heat Retaining Blanket for In-Ground and Above-Ground Rectangular Swimming Pools | Use Sun to Heat Pool | Bubble-Side Down - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • ATTRACTIVE BLUE DESIGN - Sun2Solar solar blankets are made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat both at night and on those chilly days. The blue color provides an appealing look while also using the sun’s rays to help warm your swimming pool.
  • MINIMIZE WATER EVAPORATION - The use of a solar cover helps in preventing up to 95% of pool water evaporation. When not enjoying a refreshing swim, keeping your pool covered lessens the vast amount of water lost into the environment. Fill up your swimming pool less and enjoy it more!
  • JUMP INTO WARMTH - Show friends and family your bravery by jumping in without the standard toe dip. Enter the swimming pool confidently knowing the Sun2Solar solar cover has kept the water warm just for you. It’s easy to put on and take off allowing more time for showing off.
  • HEAT RETENTION - After everyone has called it a day with wrinkled fingers from too much fun in the sun, make sure to place this solar cover back atop the water. Don’t lose all of that warmth generated throughout the day when the sun sets. Assure your pool’s temperature does not drop too much by protecting it at night through use of a solar blanket.
  • TRIM TO FIT - Your pool may be uniquely shaped and getting the right fit is as easy as finding a marker and sharp pair of scissors. Have the bubbles facing down to the water and trace a line on the cover showing where you should cut off the additional material. Do so confidently knowing this won’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty---they understand.
Recommendation No. 8
Immersion Water Heater, 1500W Pool Heater Electric Metal with Stainless-steel Guard Cover Portable Household Submersible Water Heater for Inflatable Pool Bathtub Bucket Immersion Heater (Black) - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • [HEATS WATER FASTER]: IQueen 1500W high power immersion water heater could heat water fast and won't waste too much electricity. In the cold winter, you don't need to wait for the warm water a long time anymore. When you get the IQueen's immersion water heater, only a few minutes, you will enjoy hot water, anywhere.
  • [SAFETY GUARD]: This Immersion Electric Water Heater has 304 Stainless-steel Guard. Heating for a long time in the water will not cause rust, and also protects the heating element from directly contacting people, prevent scald effectively. Comes with a water temperature gauge, which you could stop heat water in time when the temperature reaches your requirement.
  • [PREMIUM MATERIALS]: The power cord plugs are all UL certification. More safety than assembled wires and plugs. Just plug into any grounded wall outlet. The travel heater will heat water continuously towards the most suitable temperature.
  • [EASY TO USE]: You could just put the WHOLE immersion pool heater in water. Please note the heater must be immersed in water completely during use. Through water temperature gauge, you could follow with the temperature. Note: It is recommended that the immersion water heater continuous use should not exceed 3 hours at a time.
  • [PORTABLE & WIDELY USE]: You could use the IQueen pool warmer anywhere. It supports being used in different size containers like a bucket, basin, bathtub, mini inflatable portable pool, etc. It is the first choice for home and outdoor jobs. It will auto cut the electric connect when the temperature higher than 158 degrees F.
Recommendation No. 9
UCEDER Pool spa Part hot tub LX H20-Rs1 Thermostat 110V 2kw with Adjustable Temperature Thermostat for Some hot tubs,Underground Small Pool &Bathtub - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • Incoloy800 steel Thermostat element very safty and long life.very easty to install and replace, no need do inter adjustment.
  • Suitable bathtub &spa tub /hot tub 2KW /110V-120V,
  • Easy to set your desired termperature within 45 ° C, when temperature up to your setting temperature it will stop automatically. when temperature is dropped down, it will heat up water until your set temperature.
  • suitable for bathtub or hot tub with thermo cover, we suggest water capacity not more than 400 US gallon
  • with 1.5" outlet , min 0.35MPA pressure,suggest work with at least 0.25HP
Recommendation No. 10
Goplus Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater Above Ground, Pool Solar Heater, Sun Heater - Best Swimming Pool Heaters
  • ☀️ Heat your pool in the environmentally friendly way, No electricity or gas connections
  • ☀️ Extend your swimming season with warm water and heat your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature
  • ☀️ Space saving and aesthetically pleasing when compared to solar panels
  • ☀️ A protective cover is included to protect the dome when not in use
  • ☀️ Solar powered swimming pool heater, Connects to 1.5 inch hoses

If you’re lucky enough to be able to spend your free time lounging around a swimming pool, thousands of people envy you. However, while a swimming pool is cool and refreshing in the summer months, it’s nearly impossible to use in the winter.
Most of us are rugging up in the low temperatures, rather than getting into our swimming togs. However, a pool heater can change all that – enabling you to use your swimming pool year-round. We’ve listed nine top-rated pool heaters below that are sure to prove popular once that cooler weather hits.

9. Hayward H100ID1 Pool Heater

When the lure of the swimming pool is too much to resist, but the outside temperature is telling you to stay inside, a Hayward Pool Heater might just be what you need. This small, compact unit is available as either natural gas or propane-powered and is capable of fulfilling any swimming pool heating requirements. It’s reliable, has an electronic ignition for automatic operation, and is even easy to install with a 120-volt electric cord that plugs right into the wall.
Adding to the convenience is the peace-of-mind you get from knowing induced draft technology will provide optimum heating and all-weather performance. Sealing the deal is the cool-to-the-touch cabinet, which means there will be no expected burns while the unit is in use.

8. Pentair 460736 MasterTemp Pool Heater

Every homeowner’s pool is different. Therefore, a vast selection of pool heaters needs to be available for the general public. Pentair more than delivers. With eight different heaters to choose from, your needs are more than catered to. These heaters are compact and are exceptionally quiet when you’re sitting poolside. They are certified for low nitrogen oxide emissions, feature a tough rust-proof exterior, and also have digital controls which are easy to navigate.
For your peace of mind, you can even benefit from manual gas shut-off when required, and the knowledge that it’s an entirely pre-mixed system with an efficient mix of air and gas. Safe, reliable, and built to last, what more could you ask for?

7. COASTS CJC 5.5Kw Swimming Pool Heater

This pool heater with a 1-year warranty more than delivers on price and quality. Specially designed for a hot tub, it’s suitable for pools less than five cubic meters in size, offers 5.5kW of power and adopts the latest technology in regards to constant temperature control. What’s most important though, is how easy it is to use. Install the thermostat inside the pipe of the hot tub, add the water, start the pump, and let it get to work. The water temperature will be maintained at 39 degrees Celsius for a comfortable and relaxing bath at any time of the day or night.
This CJC Pool Heater, aside from being well priced on the market, is also very adaptable to any environment, so buy it with confidence knowing it will suit your jacuzzi or hot tub requirements to a tee.

6. Bestway 15ft #58259 Pool Heater

When you’re looking for a cost-effective way of heating your home swimming pool, this Bestway Pool Heater could tick all the boxes. While it doesn’t come with a filter pump, these are affordable to buy separately, and you can benefit from a CE approved heater that requires minimal installation effort. It will suit any home swimming pool up to 15 feet in diameter and even keeps your pool at a consistent 20 degrees using 2.8kW of power. Just remember that to use this heater to its full potential, you must purchase a filter pump with a flow rate of 3,785 liters per hour, or less.

5. Hayward H400FDP Pool Heater

Not all pool heaters are built to last, but just looking at the solid construction of this unit will show that Hayward pool heaters are an exception to the rule. Seven different models are on offer to cater to your unique home swimming pool requirements, all the while featuring a nickel heat exchanger for reliability and superior value. You can benefit from superior hydraulic efficiency thanks to the polymer header and bypass design, as well as instant use courtesy of the easy installation process.
What sets this Hayward unit apart, aside from its sheer level of quality, is how environmentally responsible it is. It emits low nitrogen oxide emissions while meeting or even exceeding air quality emission standards at the same time. It’s clear to see this heater is leagues ahead of similar models on the market.

4. Sta-Rite SR400LP Pool and Spa Heater

Sta-Rite is proud to boast one of the lightest pool heaters in its class, with three different models on offer. They are compact in design, are perfect for retrofit installations, and were even rated first in their class for high energy efficiency! Offering 84 percent energy efficiency, your power bills will never look healthier.
The rust-proof housing, with an attractive matte black Dura-glass shell, is built to last but is also able to handle all kinds of weather. Rest assured that your swimming days can continue for years to come, just by relying on this Sta-Rite pool heater.

3. Jandy JXi 400K BTU Pool Heater

While initially, it’s not the most affordable option on the market, this Jandy Pool Heater more than makes up for it by offering 83 percent thermal energy efficiency, and a low nitrogen oxide emission rating. It’s 38 percent lighter than similar models on the market, as well as having a 28 percent smaller footprint as well. Before you even compare the features, it’s clear to see this heater is in a league of its own.
It offers a 180-degree rotating top to remove the need for swivel headers and has copper fin heat exchanger tubes for better heat retaining as well. A stainless-steel burner, blower-driven gas air mix, hot surface igniter, digital control interface and corrosion-resistant sensors all tie this heater together as a reliable unit you would be happy to own.

2. Raypak 206,000 BTU Pool Heater

If you like your home swimming pool’s temperature to be “just so” then you may like to consider purchasing this Raypak Pool Heater. It offers a microprocessor-controlled thermostat to choose your preferred temperature and “set and forget,” as well as a non-corrosive and rust-resistant cabinet. Having such a strong shell ensures the interior components will not be exposed to harsh weather conditions.
Equally as beneficial is the Polytuf powder coating for extra protection, the polymer headers, copper fin tube heat exchanger, CPVC water connections, a burner tray and even a fire tile. No stone was left unturned in the creation of this heater, and consumers can reap the rewards of a perfectly heated pool within hours.

1. FibroPool FH055 Pool Heater

If you don’t want to mess around when it comes to your comfort in the swimming pool, this FibroPool pool heater should be near the top of your list. Aside from being exceptionally durable and well priced in comparison to the features on offer, it also features a robust 20-amp vac circuit and 12-gauge wire within 50 feet of the breaker box.
You can benefit from a 100 percent titanium heat exchanger for the perfect temperature every time, and the ease of use with the digital controller and display unit. Even installation is a breeze, with quick-connect compression fittings, and easy-to-follow instructions.
When you’re in the market for a robust heater that will provide ample heating for those winter dips, consider FibroPool.

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