Best Michael Kors Shoes for Women

Recommendation No. 2
Michael Michael Kors Billie Trainer Light Sky 9 M - Best Michael Kors Shoes for Women
  • Upper: Leather/Suede/Mesh
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Embossed branding to the outer sides, a silver branded heel counter and a branded tongue
Recommendation No. 7
Michael Michael Kors Mickey Trainer Black 10 - Best Michael Kors Shoes for Women
  • Brand: Michael Michael Kors
  • Style:
  • Materials: upper / outsole
  • Toe Style:
  • Closure Type:
Recommendation No. 8
Michael Michael Kors Preston Boot - Best Michael Kors Shoes for Women
  • Brand: Michael Michael Kors
  • Style:
  • Materials: upper / outsole
  • Toe Style:
  • Closure Type:

If you’re an avid shoe lover and you can’t help but linger in the window of designer shoe shops, then take a moment to review these nine Michael Kors shoes for women. As many women know, Michael Kors is an award-winning and internationally renowned designer of Michael Kors shoes for women, watches, eyewear, fragrance, accessories, and jewelry.
While traditionally you could only find these designer products in the likes of New York, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Shanghai, you’re now able to access some of the most exquisite luxury accessories online, on websites such as Amazon.
When you’re ready to look as high-class as you feel, treat yourself to some of these Michael Kors shoes for women below.

9. Michael Kors Fulton Moccasins

If your goal is to own functional and beautiful Michael Kors shoes for women, then this is the pair for you. In fact, such is the variety on offer that you could own several different pairs of the same style! With 18 different variations to choose from, these Fulton Moccasins from Michael Kors are sure to suit your fancy.
Not only can they be worn for high-class nights out, but you can even wear them casually, as well. Sleek, stylish, comfortable to slip on and impossible to want to take off, there’s everything to love about these leather Michael Kors shoes for women.
While most flat slip-on shoes are uncomfortable, aren’t durable, and don’t provide adequate levels of comfort and support, these Moccasins really come to the party. They feature rubber soles, offer ample support, and even deliver toe protection with the well-known Michael Kors branding sitting brightly atop the toe area.
What’s more, the selection on offer caters for those who wish to stand out from the crowd, and those who just want to blend in. Opt for vibrant raspberry, scarlet, or coral reef, or tone it down a bit with subtle black saffiano, black, and silver, or charcoal flannel. The options are endless but there’s one thing for sure, you’re going to look stunning with your feet in a pair of these Michael Kors shoes for women.

8. Michael Kors Allie Trainer Sneakers

Trainers on the market today can sometimes be garish, which is all the more reason to purchase Michael Kors shoes for women. Just because you need functional footwear for getting fit and working out, it doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish while you do it. Step away from the bright, bold and often blinding sneakers on the market today, and opt for these Michael Kors retro-inspired sneakers.
These sneakers from Michael Kors are available in several different sizes to suit all. As such, you won’t miss out because the supplier doesn’t have your size. Michael Kors caters for all. What appeals to many about these sneakers is how versatile, stylish, and retro they are – while being comfortable and functional at the same time.
They are made from mesh and felt to be breathable, are affordable considering Michael Kors shoes for women can often have a high price tag, and they are so exceptionally comfortable you’ll never want to take them off.
What’s more, even the felt and mesh they’re made of buck the trend. The mesh is metallic, and the felt heathered, while they also have mirrored touches to offer an additional hint of elegance. The foam sidewall provides support and comfort, while the rubber sole will ensure you have as much support and stability on the pavement or the gravel track as you require. Once you try these Michael Kors shoes for women, you’ll never go back to a standard pair of sneakers again.

7. Michael Kors Sonya Leather Toe Ring Sandals

If you’re looking for Michael Kors shoes for women that suit every occasion – both formal and casual, then it’s worth paying attention to these sandals. Made of premium cow leather, these open-toe sandals will more than meet the mark for style and functionality.
They feature a round toe ring for an additional touch of class, they slip on quickly, have a half-inch of heel for stability, and are of the open-toe style which is currently very on-trend. What’s more, you can choose from four different colors: optic white, acorn sangria, black, and acorn. Whatever color you want, you’re sure to find they suit your outfit perfectly.
While Michael Kors shoes for women traditionally have a higher price tag to reflect the prestige and quality, you can expect a very competitive price tag for these sandals. While they are the epitome of class, functionality, and style, they are priced so that every woman can afford to buy a pair. Dress them up with a beautiful summer gown or dress them down with shorts and a t-shirt. However you choose to wear these Michael Kors shoes for women, you are bound to turn heads.

6. Michael Kors Tabby Leather Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Ballet Flats

It can be hard to find footwear that’s both casual and stylish, but any Michael Kors shoes for women will fit the bill – especially these ballet flats. Available in pale gold tumbled metallic, black, nude, and black smooth calf, they are a beautiful pair of casual shoes with ankle straps to suit any formal or informal occasion.
The upper part of these shoes is made of leather, as is the lining, and the sole is made of synthetic material that’s both robust and durable. For your comfort when you’re spending hours on your feet, the cushioned insole will prove popular. You can also appreciate the support on offer from the quality materials and ankle strapping.
The pointed toe gives these casual ballet flats a touch of class, while the overall shape and design are on-trend to suit a range of women’s requirements. However, it’s the versatility of this cost-effective pair of Michael Kors shoes for women that will really appeal. Whether you’re off to a formal dinner or you’re shopping in the city, you will find these shoes suit the occasion perfectly.

5. Michael Kors Sabrina Boots Leather Closed Toe Over Knee

These chic Sabrina Michael Kors shoes for women will be the very pair of shoes you’ve been looking for to tie your evening attire together. Made from leather with a synthetic sole, they are sure to get heads turning everywhere you go. Opt for plum or black and enjoy the versatility on offer as well. Whether you’re a trendy and busy professional woman, or you’re looking for a comfortable pair of boots to be worn for all occasions, these more than suit any event.
The shaft of these leather boots is 21 inches from the arch, and many different women are catered for thanks to the generous 16-and-a-half-inch opening. What’s more, they are easy to put on and take off thanks to the high-quality and durable zip. It’s built to last, just like the footwear, and will ensure that you never have problems putting them on or removing them.
Considered the crème de la crème of Michael Kors shoes for women, these boots are in a league of their own. They’re both stylish and functional and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Dress them up with a short dress or dress them down with a casual pair of jeans and a jacket. Whatever you do with these boots, you are going to impress.

4. Michael Kors Warren Platform Open Toe Slide Sandals

All Michael Kors shoes for women turn heads, but these platform sandals will be a real head turner in all occasions. Suitable for wear every day and manufactured to the highest quality to withstand daily use, these corked platform sandals are superb. They feature a leather upper sole and cork bottom sole and have a heel height of two-and-a-half inches to give you the edge. The platform height is also one-and-a-half inches as well.
If you’re not sure what to wear with your summer wear, you are sure to find these Michael Kors shoes for women will suit the occasion. Opt for pale gold or brown, and enjoy the summery feel, comfort, and versatility on offer. What’s more, the price tag is also exceptionally competitive. Given that the Michael Kors logo features prominently on the top strap, you are getting an excellent deal when you purchase these Michael Kors shoes for women.

3. Michael Kors Claire Pump Leather Classic

When you’re on the hunt for fashionable yet professional footwear for the office, you are sure to find these Michael Kors shoes for women will meet the mark. Simple yet elegant, they are one of the most popular Michael Kors options on the market, and are available in three colors – dark denim, almond, and black, to suit your office attire. Why not buy all three types so you can revel in the comfort and elegance these shoes offer with every outfit you wear?
These pumps are made from leather with comfortable synthetic soles and are a classic slip-on pump style. They are easy to put on, easy to take off, and look striking with any outfit. Opt for a classic black skirt and white shirt or dress them up with a stunning dress to match. Whatever you choose to wear, these Michael Kors shoes for women will accentuate the outfit.
The platform is just high enough to give you added height, while the heel height is four-and-a-quarter inches to boost your confidence levels and height at the same time. They are comfortable to wear, affordable to own, and are everything you could ever hope for in a pair of Michael Kors shoes for women.

2. Michael Kors Dallas Platform Sandals

Available in optic white, these beautiful Michael Kors shoes for women stand out in a league of their own. They are made of cowhide with cork and a synthetic sole and are comfortable to wear for short or long periods. Head to the shops, the office, or out with friends, these Dallas platform sandals will more than suit your needs.
The overall design of them also makes them versatile for any outfit. Pair them with denim shorts and a t-shirt, or even a dress. Whatever outfit you have, you will look stunning. The midsole, of which is cork, also adds an element of style, as does the ankle strap which is comfortable and adjustable. You can also benefit from a platform height of one-and-a-half inches which can help you to feel more comfortable.
These Michael Kors shoes for women are a popular option, so why not consider them for your wardrobe today?

1. Michael Kors Daisy Moc Loafer

Whether you’re traditionally a fan of loafers or not, you are sure to be impressed by the vast selection of Michael Kors shoes for women on offer in this range. These round-toe loafers, made of leather with rubber soles, are a striking addition to any outfit. As such, you will be more than impressed with how they accentuate any outfit.
These loafers come in 15 different color and styles, and such variety enables you to let your personality shine through. If you’re a vibrant person in your nature, why not let this shine through in your footwear? Choose from electric blue, watermelon, cinnamon embossed sports suede or cinnamon. If you’re more conservative, yet you just love all kinds of Michael Kors shoes for women, there’s something to suit your needs as well.
Dress up any outfit with bronze, black vachetta, beige, or navy vachetta just to name a few. The options are endless for how you can accentuate and add to any outfit.
What sets these shoes apart the most, however, is how comfortable they are. Unlike many shoes on the market, they are a type of footwear that will be comfortable from the moment you put them on, to the time you take them off – no matter how much time you spend on your feet. Your feet and legs are fully supported, the leather supports and comforts your feet, and the rubber sole provides plenty of stability underfoot. You are sure to be impressed by these Michael Kors shoes for women.

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