Best IT Luggage Sets

Recommendation No. 1
it luggage Divinity Softside Expandable TSA Lock Spinner, Black with Rose Gold Trim, 3-Piece Set (23/27/32) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Hi-Stability - Wide wheel positioning provides better balance and resistance from falling forward
  • Luxury Detailing - Soft touch and quilted panel fabric
  • Combination TSA Lock - Combination lock provides security and is TSA compatible
  • Pockets - Each case includes an exterior zip pocket and an interior zip mesh pocket for enhanced organization
  • Bag Specs: Large Case - Ext Dims: 31. 5 x 19. 3 x 11. 2" + 2. 8" Exp, Int Dims: 29 x 18. 9 x 11. 2" + 2. 8" Exp, 6. 65lbs, Medium Case - Ext Dims: 27. 4 x 17. 3 x 10. 2” + 2. 8" Exp, Int Dims: 25 x 16. 9 x 10. 2” + 2. 8" Exp, 6. 04lbs, Carry-On - Ext Dims: 22. 8 x 14. 2 x 8. 5” + 2" Exp, Int Dims: 20 x 13. 8 x 8. 5” + 2" Exp, 5. 62lbs
Recommendation No. 2
Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Black, 2-Piece Set (20/28) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Carry-on Upright: 22"x 13"x 9" (with wheels)
  • 28-inch Upright: 28"x17"x12"
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable ABS material
  • Multi-directional double spinner wheels
  • Sturdy ergonomic chrome telescoping handle
Recommendation No. 3
it luggage Bubble-Spin 4 Wheel HardSide, Black, 3 Piece Set - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Infinispin Technology - Superior wheel system exclusive to it luggage enables 360 degree balance, precision, and control
  • Intricate fashion emboss - unique And fun ABS debossed dots offers a stunning look
  • Space expansion from the middle - single expander provides an additional 25% extra space for personal belongings
  • Interior packing divider - handy central zipped divider helps organize belongings
  • Extended Dim's: large - 31.1 x 22 x 13.4" 3" Exp (Weight) 10.56lbs/ medium - 27.4 x 19.3 x 11.8" 3" Exp (Weight) 9.02lbs/ small - 21.3 x 14 x 9.4" 2.5" Exp (Weight) 6.27lbs
Recommendation No. 4
Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set, Navy, 2-Piece (14/19) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Upright: 21" x 13" x 7.5" (with wheels)
  • Tote bag: 14"x 11"x 5.5"
  • Telescoping handle
  • Ergonomic padded top and side grip handles
  • Fully lined
Recommendation No. 5
it luggage Legion Hardside Expandable, Blue Wash, 3 Piece Set - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • 8-wheel easy-glide system: perfectly balanced 360° maneuverability
  • Space expansion from the middle - Single expander provides an additional 25% extra space for personal belongings
  • Central opening for organized packing - Clamshell design helps separate belongings and provides an ideal flat packing surface
  • Comfort carry handles - Soft touch gel handles offer superior comfort
  • Large Case: Ext. Dims. - 31.7 x 21.9 x 13.6" + 3" Exp (Weight) 11.64 lbs / Medium Case: Ext. Dims. - 28" x 19.3" x 12.2” + 2.5" Exp (Weight) 9.26 lbs / Carry-on Case: Ext. Dims. - 21.5" x 14" x 9.4” + 2.5" Exp (Weight) 6.72 lbs
Recommendation No. 6
it luggage Lustrous Lightweight Expandable Spinner Wheels, Black, 3-Piece Set (22/28/32) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Infinispin technology superior wheel system exclusive to it luggage enables 360 degree balance precision and control/ unique base structure specially developed case platform provides additional strength and stability
  • Semi expander system - handy expander positioned at the base offers extra space without compromising stability/ comfort carry handle - additional padding on top handle offers superior comfort
  • 10 year warranty - assured quality in every case!
  • Exterior Dimensions: large - 31.9 x 19.3 x 11.4" + 2.8" Exp, 7.91 lbs/ Medium - 28 x 17.3 x 10.2" + 2.8" Exp, 6.86 lbs/ carry-on - 22 x 14 x 8.7" + 2" Exp, 5.73 lbs
  • 21.5x20.5x31.9
Recommendation No. 7
it luggage World's Lightest Vitalize 2 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase, Black, 3-Piece Set - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Tough fiberglass structure - exceptionally lightweight frame is deceptively strong and built to last. - high density nylon - luxurious, lightweight material is durable and offers sporty aesthetic
  • Flat packing interior - 'no pipes' means more space and keeps clothing crease-free. - wide comfort handle - easy grip handle offers superior comfort
  • Large Checked: Exterior Dims: 31.5 x 18.9 x 10.2", 5.46 lbs. Medium Checked - Exterior Dims: 27.6 x 16.9 x 9", Weight: 4.85 lbs. Carry On - Exterior Dims: 22.4 x 15.6 x 7.5", Weight: 3.48 lbs
  • 10-Year warranty - assured quality in every case!
Recommendation No. 8
it luggage World's Lightest New York Softside 8 Wheel Spinner, Purple Pennant With Cobblestone Trim, 3-Piece Set (22/28/32) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Large checked specs - exterior Dimensions: 31.5 x 18.3 x 10.2 inches, interior Dimensions: 28 x 17.9 x 10.2 inches, weight: 5.29lbs
  • Medium checked specs: exterior Dimensions: 27.6 x 16.1 x 10.2 inches, interior Dimensions: 24 x 15.9 x 9 inches, weight: 4.51lbs
  • Carry-on specs: exterior Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches, interior Dimensions: 18.7 x 13 x 9 inches, weight: 4.07lbs
  • The exterior features 2 zip pockets, while the interior features 1 large zip mesh pocket and 2 tie-down straps
  • 10.2x18.3x31.5
Recommendation No. 9
it luggage Concurring Hardside Spinner Expander, Purple, 3-Piece Set (21/27/31) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Superior wheel control - Constant design and testing ensures the performance of our wheels lead the industry
  • Distinct detailing - Contrasting details offer great appeal and stands out in a crowd
  • Space expansion from the middle - This provides up to 25% extra space while still ensuring stability
  • Central opening for organized packing - The clamshell design helps separate belongings, and provides an ideal flat packing surface
  • Bag Specs: Large Case - Ext Dims: 31.3 x 22 x 13.4" + 3" Exp, Int Dims: 29 x 20.5 x 13.4", 11.22 lbs, Medium Case - Ext Dims: 27.4 x 19.3 x 11.8" + 2.5" Exp, Int Dims: 25 x 17.7 x 11.8", 9.13 lbs, Carry-On - Ext Dims: 21.1 x 14.6 x 9.4" + 2.5" Exp, Int Dims: 18.5 x 13 x 9.4", 6.93 lbs
Recommendation No. 10
it luggage MaXpace Softside Spinner Wheel, Lavender Pudding, 3 Piece Set (22/27/31) - Best IT Luggage Sets
  • Protective structure - Sturdy base and top platforms combined with fibreglass poles are lightweight and built to last
  • Maximum packing capacity - Original it luggage design provides way beyond the average packing space
  • Increased stability 8-wheeler - Recessed wheel design increases solidity and offers additional protection
  • Bag Specs: Large Case- Ext Dims: 31. 1 x 19. 5 x 12. 4", Int Dims: 29. 4 x 19. 3 x 12. 4", 5. 80lbs, Medium Case - Ext Dims: 27 x 17. 1 x 11", Int Dims: 25 x 16. 9 x 11", 4. 98lbs, Carry-On - Ext Dims: 21. 5 x 14 x 8. 5", Int Dims: 19. 5 x 13. 8 x 8. 5", 4. 21lbs
  • 10 Year - Assured quality in every case!

IT Luggage has been around for a long time now and has set some of the travelling bags standards that many companies follow today, making IT Luggage your top choice when finding that perfect travel companion. So, which IT Luggage should go along with you on your next trip? Check each of these listed top ten (10) choices prepared for you, all from IT Luggage. “We have also written a complete guide about best traveler’s choice luggage sets“.
Why you should choose IT Luggage Sets
“Great looks, durability and longevity should be your top priority when looking for a luggage set. IT luggage provides you more than that with its high-quality products at very affordable prices”.
IT Luggage was established in 1985 with the vision of providing customer satisfaction as its top priority. Building the business based on passion and innovation, the best IT Luggage sets have flourished to serve 46 countries today. “We have also written a complete guide about best luggage sets“.
For 30 years, IT Luggage never fails to amaze its customers. Today, it now has other series that proves that this company does evolve with the changes of times. From its double expander series, it now has Secure-it sets that secures ones belonging from thieves. This luggage set has strong tamper proof zipper composed of two layers of teeth that prevents penetration. You wouldn’t want to go to prison just because one decided to put something illegal inside your luggage.
Another series is the DURALITON collection. This hard-shell luggage sets offer exceptional strength and unrivalled durability. DURALITON is not just lightweight and tough but also scratch-resistant. It can stand any impact that allows it to return to its original form.


    • The Best IT Luggage Sets have four (4) main bag categories:
  • Top 10 Best IT Luggage sets in 2019 – Chart
    • 1. IT Luggage Doppler
    • 2. IT Luggage Daybreak 8 Wheel 3 Piece Luggage Set
    • 3. IT Luggage Mojave Hardside 3 Piece Set
    • 4. IT Luggage DuoTone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set
    • 5. IT Luggage The Lite Collection 3 Piece Set
    • 6. IT Luggage Mega Lite Luggage Spinner Collection 3 Piece Set
    • 7. IT Luggage Air 360 3PC Luggage Set – Exclusive
    • 8. IT Luggage Skull Emboss 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set
    • 9. IT Luggage Amsterdam III 8 Wheel 3 Piece Set
    • 10. IT Luggage Guardian
    • Besides all these features and qualities, what makes IT Luggage stand out?

The Best IT Luggage Sets have four (4) main bag categories:

  • Hard Shell

As the name implies, these hardside IT luggage sets offer ultimate protection for anything that’s inside your bag. IT luggage makes sure its materials for hard-sided luggage sets are those that don’t break easily. IT luggage has its famous expanding hard shell patent protected. Also, IT Luggage is the only company that can offer you a hard-sided luggage set that can expand to 50% of its internal space!

  • Frameless

Afraid of broken or damaged luggage whenever you pick up yours in the conveyor? IT Luggage created a shock-absorbing frameless technology that is solely patented to IT. These frameless luggage bags can be bent and knocked on then go back to its original shape after! Having no frame, it is far lighter and spacious inside.

  • Lightweight

If weight matters, then IT luggage can offer you different sets that are light and still durable. These soft-sided sets come with each of its own fashion sense that will certainly match your style.

  • Casual

If you are the type that dwells away with the common design and traditional luggage style, IT didn’t brush those ideas off. IT designed bags that are best for unique travelers that need different handling style for their luggage set like modified backpacks and even tough trolley holdalls.

1. IT Luggage Doppler

Looking for something strong, big and sturdy that will stand out among the crowd? Then the Doppler set offers you that with the right price.
Material: ABS/Polycarbonate
This collection set boasts 100% ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material that’s tough enough for any kind of travel. It is also polycarbonate finished making it shiny and in style for a modern classic look. There are a lot of the best spinner luggage that are made with ABS Material.
With its ABS Material, it is structurally sturdy so that makes your Doppler set very durable. ABS is a thermoplastic resin and has a strong resistance to physical impacts and corrosive chemicals. Its polycarbonate finished is also heat resistant and engineered to be impact resistant with “glass-like” surfaces giving that shiny look. This bag is worth its price.
This set is designed to be strong for the modern-day travel. The IT Luggage Doppler has a shiny finish with curve line designs (remodeling the Doppler lines from the theory of Doppler effect), making it look like a high-end plastic case. Most IT Luggage have an expander and the hard shells have one of the highest percentage of expanding. For this Doppler collection, it can expand up to 25 percent. This set is best for long business day travels. It can even be used to transport large items that can fit in 30″ by 12″ size. The classic modern look would look great with your business outfit.
This 3-piece set has a 21.4-inch carry-on, with a 27.5-inch medium trolley case, and a 30.2-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other Features and Colors
The Doppler set comes with a contemporary push-button retractable telescopic handle along with two soft touch top and side carry handles for extra comfort. This gives you easy handling for loading or carrying. Each luggage has four (4) multi-directional wheels that allows you to silently move your trolley around and they rotate 360 degrees making it easy to turn around at any direction. It gives a modern look; and with the available colors which are gray, pink, dark blue and grape red, you can surely find something that will match your business outfit and style if you must travel with your business suit.

  • Modern design to match formal or business trips
  • 4 wheels smooth gliding


  • Too shiny to catch attention
  • Doesn’t have a wheel stop
  • Expensive

2. IT Luggage Daybreak 8 Wheel 3 Piece Luggage Set

Tired of luggage sets that fall to its side? This Daybreak 8 Wheel set is your definite answer at a very affordable price.
Material: Polyester
This luggage set is made of high density polyester. This high-end material isn’t just durable but also light – making this one of the best IT luggage sets. It was structurally designed to be “Ultra Lightweight” as it is the introductory to the Monolite Series of IT luggage.
Lightness may be the product’s highlight but it is also strong. Having a great inner capacity, this is made with materials and wheels to support the weight. The high-density polyester material is sure not to break even if you maximize the content using the expander. This set is a sure deal if you’re looking for something affordable.
The Daybreak set is great for long travels and multiple vehicle transfers, so bring this when you’re travelling to multiple destinations. Its lightness and big capacity are best for these kinds of travels and the 8 wheels give more ease for mobility. If you need to transport something big but not breakable, it’s 13.5″ (expanded) inside depth can fit in a big box.
This 3-piece set has a 21.1 inch carry-on, a 27.2 inch medium trolley case, and a 31.3 inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Both large and medium trolleys are expandable by 2.8 inch while the carry-on can expand maximum of 2 inch. This Daybreak set features a 25% expansion for each of its luggage.
Other Features and Colors
This luggage set has TSA lock for added security, easy-grab top and side handles plus push button telescoping top handles, too. It also has two exterior pockets for last item add-ons or document holder for easy travel access. It showcases 8 wheels for 360 maneuverability and easy of moving around. The IT Luggage Daybreak 8 Wheel 3 Piece Set is a single toned shade polyester finished with black zipper highlights that gives a smart casual look. It comes with 4 great shades: Black, Flint Gray, Bleached Denim, and Malaga.

  • 8 wheels support the suitcase without falling at its side
  • The 8 wheels glide and spin smoothly and effortlessly
  • All 3 suitcases can be nested inside each other, saving you good space when not in use.
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t come with a wheel stopper, bag may glide away when in an inclined surface
  • Soft-side with big capacity cannot support breakable or fragile items

3. IT Luggage Mojave Hardside 3 Piece Set

Looking for easy to distinguish luggage set? The Mojave Hardside is strong, sturdy and an easy one to find among the crowd  of luggage in a conveyor. These sets are mostly neon tint. If you’re one of those who always have a hard time searching for your bags, Mojave Hardside is just right for you – affordable, durable and colorful.
Material: Polyester
This Mojave Hardside set is 100% made of polyester and has a rubberized finished that is very attractive to most – soft to touch and pleasing to the eyes.
Crafted out of ABS plastic, this set is ultra-light and durable especially designed as a travel buddy. It can last for a long period with the confidence that your items are protected while in transit.
The large suitcase in this set has an interior of 12.2 inches and can even be expanded. This can fit in big items and bulk packs of items, too. One good feature of this Mojave Hardside collection is that its large and medium suitcases have a fully zippered interior compartment divider. Giving you good division among the things you have inside. A shared luggage isn’t bad for this set. Also, each piece of the set has mesh zip pocket and three elastic slip pockets (just two for the carry-on) that allows you to pack small things separately.
This 3-piece set has a 21.9 inch carry-on, a 26.6 inch medium trolley case, and a 30.5 inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other features and color
This 4-wheel hard side 3-piece collection is easy to tag around and easy to stand. There is no need to find a leaning wall if you’re afraid that your luggage would tip over. It is expandable by 25%. Both the carry-on and medium trolley can expand by 2.5 inch and as far as 3 inch for the large one. IT luggage sure matched it with eye catching shades: Calla Green, Flame (Orange), Fungi (Gray), and Light Blue. It’s so classic you would love it!

  • Bright colors makes it easy to spot
  • Rubberized finished is smooth
  • Each one can be nested in the large suitcase that occupies just one space for storage keeping


  • Mishandling may strip or crack the rubberized finished

4. IT Luggage DuoTone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set

This Duo-Tone set is a must have for each traveler. A piece not to miss for your collection. Light, durable, classic and the tone combinations makes it a keeper but best of all – it’s very affordable!
Material: Polyester
Travel with IT Luggage DuoTone with confidence. This collection is made of high density polyester and is sure to keep your things together. It is super ultra-light and spacious! Check each luggage’s weight and you will be amazed!
Never under estimate a luggage that is light. Not everything heavy is strong. This super ultra-light set is made of high density polyester that is designed to match travel rigors.
Having a colorful luggage is one great feature, that’s for sure, but these colorful set doesn’t just please the eye. It pleases its travel mate with a telescoping top handle for ease of transport. Each case has two exterior zip pockets for extra add-ons and as travel document holders. Its interior has two tie-down straps and large zip mesh pocket making your things much organize. Plus, an easy-grab side and top handles making it easy for any lifting need. DuoTone is a 4-wheel set that can do 360 degree maneuvers. Take a luggage that won’t only secure your belongings but should allow you to move around it easily. Imagine that muscle stress when you have to carry your luggage just around the airport or to your hotel.
This 3-piece set has a 21 inch carry-on, a 26.2 inch medium trolley case, and a 30.1 inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other Features and Colors
The IT Luggage DuoTone as it says comes with two-tone shade (except the grey pewter) that makes it look like two bags purposely arranged on top of each other. Its polyester finished attracts those who prefer something not shiny or smooth. It comes with the this shade combinations: Capri Breeze/Dress Blues, Dark Purple/Potent Purple, Fuchsia Red/Magnet, Mint/Purple, Pewter/Magnet, Potent Purple/Magnet and Sunkist Coral/Potent Purple.

  • Stylish
  • Super ultra-light
  • 2 exterior front pockets (best for business trips that require documents all the time)
  • Side panel protectors keep your case away from dirt on the ground
  • Very spacious


  • Not expandable
  • Limited interior space (not for big items or bulk packing)

5. IT Luggage The Lite Collection 3 Piece Set

Looking for something with class, sleeky and affordable? The Lite Collection gives you sets that are portable yet durable.
Material: Polyester
Lightweight and durable by its name, indeed, because it’s made of 100% high-density polyester. It’s sleek and modern design makes you feel like you aren’t tugging a luggage around. Only IT Luggage The Lite Collection gives you that kind of satisfaction.
A combination of two worlds – lightness and long lasting. Made of high-density polyester each bag can last a long period. Not easy to tear and the threads are not easy to break.
The Lite Collection wants that sleek and modern touch without going away with the thought that it is a luggage not just a good-looking bag. The Lite collection offers two exterior front pockets for on-the-go documents and small accessories plus fully lined interior that has two adjustable straps to keep your things really organize. Of course, IT Luggage always makes sure it does come with a telescoping handle for easy handling. This set surely won’t make you missed any souvenirs along the way. Not only do the external pockets help, each bag is expandable, too. The large and medium size can expand additional 2.4 inches and the small one can expand by 1.6 inch.
This 3-piece set has a 21-inch carry-on, a 27.2-inch medium trolley case, and a 30.5-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other features and colors
To add lightness, this set only has 2 sets of wheels. With a good two front foot, this bag can stand on its own without wheeling away. The IT Luggage The Lite Collection is as simple as light as it should be. The design is best for those who want it simple yet elegant. Its single tone color all throughout except with the black handles makes it a good business partner. This set comes with Dark Full Grey or Purplish Blue Shade.

  • Professional Look
  • Super ultra-light
  • Has two front stand that keeps your bag in place
  • Affordable


  • Not for big items or long travels
  • Dull colors

6. IT Luggage Mega Lite Luggage Spinner Collection 3 Piece Set

Spacious and light is what this MEGALITE series will offer you. A high-quality attractive set that is way affordable than the other series.
Material: Polyester
Made of high density polyester, it can be sturdy even when its ultra-lightweight. The cases were made of a special base that can control your luggage weight with the support of smooth spinner wheels. All materials have been well studied to fit “lightness” and “durability” together.
The exterior make is not just to attract you but also to protect your belongings. The materials used as stated has been studied to be durable. This MEGALITE series can stand long travels and unfriendly handling unless one would literally cause damage to it.
Despite under the lightweight category, this MEGALITE luggage features an expander that can add up to 25% packing capacity! A wow for a light luggage that has been designed for a big interior space. Besides its spacious compartments that comes with tie-down straps, this luggage set comes with a push button trolley system. Giving one ease in storing or tucking away when needed.
This 3-piece set has a 21.9-inch carry-on, a 27.4-inch medium trolley case, and a 31.3-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other Features and colors
The IT Luggage Mega Lite Collection is a single toned luggage with a smooth polyester finish – nothing catchy and not so simple either. It has the wide handle design tested for comfort and ease. It comes with the shades of: Baton Rouge, Fiery Red, Black, Blue Grotto, Blue Ashes and Flint Gray.

  • The MEGALITE series comes with 4 smooth spinner wheels that supports the special base for each luggage.
  • Expandable up to 25%
  • Push button trolley
  • Great value for its quality


  • Multiple use easily fades its color
  • Outside pouches have capacity limits

7. IT Luggage Air 360 3PC Luggage Set – Exclusive

As the name goes, it is an it luggage hard shell that is exclusively just for you. This sturdy luggage could save your equipment, machine or important baggage from intentional mishandling.
Material: ABS
This luggage set is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that is heavily build to stand heavy force. Despite being tough, it is light and can easily be kept together in the large case.
Made of ABS material, this isn’t just strong and sturdy. It’s tough enough to resist kicks and throws which in reality happens anywhere when travelling. So, take a good look at Air 360 as your best travel mate.
It comes with an interior divider to better organizer your things inside. Not only is Air 360 tough, it can literally get bigger for extra packing space. The large case can expand by 3 inches. Besides its double expander, it comes with easy grab handles at the top and side that provides extra support when needed.
This 3-piece set has a 30.1-inch carry-on, a 26.2-inch medium trolley case, and a 21.3-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other features and colors
The IT Luggage Air 360 Collection is indeed an exclusive! This is the best buddy you should have for long trips and long term staycation. Not only does it have the big space but it comes with an expansion that gives you more extra. This is one among the IT Luggage set that has a double expander. This Air 360 Luggage comes with 4 spinner wheels that perfectly supports the tough body. Each luggage has large rear wheels for easy transport and movement.
The polycarbonate finish hides the mess of things inside making it look like it has something precious inside. You can choose from: Blue Atoll, Fiery Red, Moonless Night, Poseidon, Purple, Sunkist Coral and Vivacious – a lush of fuchsia.

  • Sturdy and light
  • Big capacity with bigger expansion
  • Interior divider
  • Large rear wheels for better movement and support


  • Interior colors contrasts the outer shades
  • Exterior finished may crack for long flights
  • Bulky when full, can be too heavy for its handle

8. IT Luggage Skull Emboss 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set

This is among IT Luggages uniquely design set. So, if you want something with a skull and rose together then this is a must-have. Not only is it strong looking but it is made strong and sold at an affordable price.
Material: ABS
Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, this luggage is strong enough to withstand rigor travel conditions. The skull is not just mere design, it tells one that it’s a luggage that can withstand mishandling and lasts.
The skull makes your luggage tough but it’s the material that makes it real.  The skulls and roses gives it a plus outstanding look that is sure to attract people. Who says you can’t travel in style with your luggage? It is one of the most durable sets that IT luggage offers these days. Grab it while its still available in the market!
IT Luggage Hard Shells comes with double expanders that allows up to 25% extra packing space. These hard shells come with fully lined interior with center dividers that makes organizing much easier. The interior also has zippered mesh pockets, slip pockets and adjustable tie-down straps to hold your travel items in place. Two people can share one luggage without mixing their items in it.
This Skull Emboss 3-Piece Luggage moves around with 8-spinner wheels. These 8 wheels provide superior maneuver and makes the luggage easy to tag along. These makes a good support for a good strong luggage. It also has a push-button telescoping top handle with side and top handles for easy lifting.
This 3-piece set has a 21.5-inch carry-on, a 27.2-inch medium trolley case, and a 31.1-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
Other features and colors
The IT Luggage Skull Emboss is one of IT’s exclusively designed luggage set. This hard-shell set has skulls and roses embossed out of the ABS material giving a different kind of attraction to different people. If you want your suitcase to stand out, then this set can be your perfect choice. The colors are Tango Red, White, Ultramarine Green, and Zinfandel.

  • Unique skull and rose design
  • Very attractive and easy to spot


  • Handles look to thin for the large case
  • A wide top and side handle is better for this set

9. IT Luggage Amsterdam III 8 Wheel 3 Piece Set

This Amsterdam III collection is a travel must-have. Travelling with style is a need at some point so getting a classic Amsterdam luggage among your luggage makes an easy choice when you travel for leisure or business. Very affordable for a quality you want.
Material: Polyester
The Amsterdam III collection is made of polyester an assurance that its lightweight and durable. Built to last long travels and transit handling, a quality set for a very good price.
This set was design to look and feel good. Not only does it look good but it proves to be very good when longevity is asked, too. This set can last for a long time because of its high-density polyester structure. Each part of the luggage was well chosen for this luggage to stand out.
This luggage set allows you to add more space for more items with its expander. Each luggage has fully lined interiors with tie-down straps that holds your items inside. The Amsterdam III boosts much with security not only with its durable material but this set comes with TSA accredited lock. The front exterior pocket has a slip pocket, mesh pocket and key fob for extra space. These exterior pockets provide easy access for travel documents and other important travel must-haves. Of course, a telescoping push-button handle makes this luggage set easy to handle added with top and side easy-grab handles for convenience.
This 3-piece set has a 21.5-inch carry-on, a 27.6-inch medium trolley case, and a 31.3-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
The Large Trolley measures 31.3 x 19.3 x 11.2 inch (interior measures 29 x 18.9 x 11.2 inch) and weighs 7.53 lbs. The Medium Trolley measures 27.6 x 17.3 x 9.8 inch (interior measures 25 x 16.9 x 9.8 inch) and weighs 6.63 lbs. The Carry-On measures 21.5 x 14 x 7.9 inch (interior measures 18.9 x 13 x 7.9 inch) and weighs 5.42 lbs.
Other Features and colors
The IT Luggage Amsterdam III looks like a smooth backpack turned to a suitcase. It’s single toned with simple white dashes along the handles that give it a classic elegant look. You can get to choose between the smart gray “Magnet” shade or a flourishing “Potent Purple”. Plus, the Amsterdam III collection doesn’t only give you that style, it provides comfort for easy maneuver with its 8 multi-directional spinner wheels that lifts the weight for you.

  • Classic Style
  • Wide top and side handles
  • Rolls upright and provides weightless motion on your shoulder and arm
  • Fully lined interior


  • 8 wheels without a stopper can wheel away in inclined floors
  • Less interior pockets

10. IT Luggage Guardian

IT Luggage Guardian is no different than the other sets. It comes with a convenient four (4) multi-directional wheels that can rotate 360 degrees. These set of spinner wheels were designed to fit and support this polyester lightweight luggage set. Very affordable for a high-quality luggage set.
Material: Polyester and Nylon
The Guardian set is made with high-density polyester match with durable Crinkle Nylon to give a great external look. Just one look and you will find this unique set very attractive.
This IT Luggage Guardian collection is made of imported polyester that guarantees durability and lightness match with strong durable Crinkle Nylon that will withstand long days of travel. The nylon exterior has less friction so less scuffs can be done on it during your travel.
Its spacious fully lined interior has two tie-down straps that puts your items in place. A separate large zippered mesh pocket adds more support to organize your things and another two (2) large zippered front pockets for need-to-access travel items. This set may be lightweight but can definitely hold all your travel needs.
This 3-piece set has a 20.7-inch carry-on, a 26.2-inch medium trolley case, and a 30.1-inch large trolley case. All these sizes include the handle and wheels.
The Large Trolley measures 30.1 x 18.7 x 12.8 inch and weighs 7.80 lbs. The Medium Trolley measures 26.2 x 16.3 x 11.2 inch and weighs 6.41 lbs. The Carry-On measures 20.7 x 13.6 x 9 inch and weighs 5.40 lbs.
Other Features and color
This IT Luggage Guardian set has molded corner protectors for maximum impact assistance and durability. It has a unique design and make among the IT sets. It has a nylon exterior finished that gives it a different touch. Lightweight, classic and durable. It’s single toned paired with a four triangle like corner lighter shade catches the eye for a second look. You can choose between Ronan Rouge (somewhat maroon) and Pewter (classic dark grey).

  • Front pocket has a hidden zipper
  • All three can fit in each other for easy storage
  • Very affordable for its quality
  • Very attractive for young travelers
  • The color hides the scuff


  • Telescoping handle seems to break if bags are full to its maximum
  • No expansion
  • Loose threading because of nylon exterior

Besides all these features and qualities, what makes IT Luggage stand out?

All IT Luggage can guarantee you a 10-year warranty that many cannot give. This is because IT Luggage can assure you of high quality materials that are sure to stand travel exposures and should last for 10 years. That’s how confident IT Luggage is! IT Luggage will gladly replace the luggage under the terms of warranty, provided that all wearing out and indemnities are because of poor workmanship or materials. You can check more options under the best Timberland luggage sets.

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