Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection

Recommendation No. 1
Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask No Ears or Nose,Gray,Horse - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • Size: Horse - Style: Standard, No Ears or Nose
  • Rated #1 by clinicians and equine publications for comfort, design and fit
  • Stellar protection against flies and insects
  • Soft coated nylon micro-mesh blocks 70% of damaging UV rays
  • Split-top opening, forelock hole keeps horses comfortable
Recommendation No. 2
Recommendation No. 3
Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask, Standard with Ears, Horse, Grey - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • Style: With Ears
  • Rated #1 by clinicians and equine publications for comfort, design and fit
  • Stellar protection against flies and insects
  • Soft coated nylon micro-mesh blocks 70% of damaging UV rays
  • Split-top opening, forelock hole keeps horses comfortable
Recommendation No. 4
Farnam Supermask II Shimmer Weave Horse Fly Mask, Horse size, Silver Mesh with Black Trim - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • Fly mask for horses keeps flies, dust, dirt and debris away from your horse's eyes and face and also protects from harmful UV rays.
  • The Fly mask Double-Latch closure is located under the jaw, not on the cheekbone, making it harder for other horses to reach
  • Fly mask aids in healing after eye injuries without obstructing vision
  • The see-through mesh with plush, flyproof trim keeps flies out.
  • Fly mask provides maximum comfort without rubbing or harsh abrasion
Recommendation No. 5
Farnam SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask for Horses, Colors May Vary - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • Protects from flies, dirt and debris
  • Does not obstruct vision
  • Horse proof Double-Latch Closure provides twice the staying power of other masks
  • Aids healing after eye injury
  • Provides maximum comfort with no rubbing or harsh abrasion
Recommendation No. 6
Kensington Fly Mask Web Trim — Protects Horses Face and Eyes from Biting Insects and UV Rays While Allowing Full Visibility — Ears and Forelock Able to Come Through The Mask - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • PREVENTS AGAINST BITING INSECTS - With its breathable webbing material your horse will be comfortable and protected from harmful insect bites and infections.
  • FLY MASK FITS EVERY HORSE AND STAYS IN PLACE - Designed in multiple sizes Medium 700 - 900 lbs., Large 900 - 1200 lbs., and XL 1200 - 1500 lbs. With our Double Locking System, this mask is nearly impossible to take off.
  • DURABILITY AND UV RAY PROTECTION - The woven mesh fabric is air permeable and is non-heat transferring making it the perfect choice for summer time cooling and it blocks up to 73% of harmful UV rays.
  • VIBRANT PLAID PATTERNS - With a touch of matching Kensington plaid you'll be able to match your fly mask to all your other Kensington gear!
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE - All Kensington products undergo a rigorous quality inspection here at our Southern California headquarters. From tear tests, to heat exposure; we examine all degrees of durability and backup this testing with a quality assurance.
Recommendation No. 7
Opti-Force-Force Equine Fly Mask | Horse Fly Mask with UV Protection and Insect Repellent | Adjustable Fit for Comfort | Without Ears Standard - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Protects your horse from harmful UV rays and insect pests, such as moquitos, ticks, biting flies, and fleas
  • TREATED WITH INSECT SHIELD REPELLENT: Insect Shield Repellent Gear provides built-in, invisible, and odorless insect protection for exposed areas around the mask, including muzzle and ears
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Comfortable design keeps the mask off the face and away from the eyes of the horse while remaining snug to keep out dirt, dust, and debris
  • MADE TO LAST: Tear-resistant Clear View Vision mesh is highly durable, light weight, and effective at shielding your horse from UV rays and insects
  • EQUI-GLO NITE REFLECTOR: Makes it easy to see your horse in the dark
Recommendation No. 8
Harrison Howard Horse Fly Mask-Amethyst - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
Recommendation No. 9
Pro-Force Equine Fly Mask | Horse Fly Mask with UV Protection | Adjustable Fit for Comfort | Without Ears - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Provides protection from flies and harmful UV rays
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Comfortable fit with adjustable, double locking fastener and fleece-lined trim to prevent undesirable friction or rubbing
  • MADE TO LAST: Made with strong, clear view vision mesh for durability
  • EQUI-GLO NITE REFLECTOR: Makes it easy to see your horse in the dark
  • HORSE SIZED: Fits horses from 900-1200 pounds
Recommendation No. 10
TGW RIDING Horse Mask Full Face Mesh Fly Mask Fine Mesh with Ears and Long Nose (Warmblood, Black/Turquoise) - Best Horse Fly Masks For Eyes, Face, Ears Protection
  • This is a full face mesh mask complete with air stream fabric covering the ears to provide flexible protection.
  • Ergonomic shaping and fleece padding along the seams keeps the mask away from the eyes and reduces gaps.
  • Horse Mask,Designed with comfort and convenience in mind. This generously measured mask slips easily on and off the horses head for a secure and comfortable fit
  • The soft mesh protects the eyes and ears while providing full visibility. This horse mask won't be too tight ,horse can open their eyes.
  • Easy to wear during the process will not stimulate the horse.Sizes: XL: Warmblood \. L: Full. \ M: Cob \ S: Pony\

A horse fly mask is a cap that covers your horse’s eyes, jaw, and sometimes their muzzle and ears. It’s semi-transparent, features mesh, and lets your horse see, hear, and experience everything going on around them.
The difference between wearing a mask and not doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can be. It stops gnats, flies, and other pesky insects from getting into their face, eyes, and ears, and causing irritation. You can then safely take them for a ride, knowing they can have an irritation-free experience.
If you’re ready for your horse to enjoy such protective measures, then read on. We’ve uncovered a few hidden gems in the market that may suit your needs.

9. Professional’s Choice Horse Fly Mask

If you want your horse to look stylish, but be well clear of insects at the same time, then check out this horse fly mask from Professional’s Choice. It’s beautiful and vibrant – and available in a range of color options, and you can buy it for a cob or horse. This horse fly mask is possibly going to be one of the best investments you make for your horse.
However, it might also be an investment you make time and time again, for this mask doesn’t withstand long term wear and tear. The mesh can rip and the material can get dirty, stained, and worn out.
That’s not to say that while it works, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It boasts a comfortable lycra fabric, comes with both eye and ear mesh, and it has a stretchy fit. It also won’t irritate your horse’s eyes when they blink.
When you buy this horse mask, consider purchasing the sheet neck cover separately for best results. This affordable fly mask may not be the best quality, but it packs a punch with style and functionality.

  • Six colors
  • Cob and horse sizing options
  • Lycra material
  • Eye and ear mesh material
  • Sheet neck cover sold separately
  • Stretchy fit


  • It doesn’t irritate the horse’s eyes
  • You can choose from two sizes
  • Funky color options
  • Stretchy, soft material
  • It’s breathable
  • There’s mesh around the eye and ear area
  • Affordable to buy


  • The eyes rip
  • The material is not durable for long-term use

8. Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask

If your horse is gentle on their horse fly mask and doesn’t get into too much trouble, then this mask from Cashel could be right for you. As the Crusader model, it doesn’t have any holes for the nose or eyes to offer full protection from insects.
When you consider buying this mask, make sure you check the sizing. There are seven options, but not all will suit or fit your horse. Spend the time to research your options before you make a final decision.
However, once you pick the right one and it arrives in your mail, you’ll be pleased you decided to buy it. It’s well made, comfortable, and boasts a soft-coated nylon micro-mesh construction. This removes the need for troublesome eye and nose holes.
It also has around 70 percent UV ray protection and forelock holes as well. It’s easy to put on, affordable to buy, and has even been rated as the number one horse fly mask for design, comfort, and fit, by publications and experts.
Not everyone is entirely impressed with it, however. Some people say it can tear, and many talk about the sizing inaccuracies. As long as your horse is gentle and your research thorough, you are bound to enjoy much of what this horse fly mask has to offer.

  • Seven sizes
  • Soft-coated nylon micro-mesh construction
  • UV protection
  • Ear and nose hole-free
  • Split-top opening
  • Forelock holes


  • Has been rated number one for comfort, fit, and design
  • Comfortable material
  • Plenty of sizes for different horses
  • Offers 70 percent UV protection
  • Easy to put on
  • Soft and breathable
  • Affordable to buy
  • Well made


  • The sizing isn’t always accurate
  • They can tear

7. Cashel Quiet Ride Horse Fly Mask

Everyone loves going on a quiet trail ride with their horse, but without a horse fly mask, the gnats and flies soon make it a terrible experience. With this horse fly mask from Cashel, that can all change. It’s a black, beautiful mask that’s comfortable and easy to put on. Even fussy horses will find this mask is far easier to put on than many others.
It comes with ear holes as well, and is available in five sizes to ensure a better fit for your hooved friend. It’s also well sewn, with robust stitching and sheer mesh that boast a clear vision line. What you may find with this mesh, however, is that it can tear. You must be careful only to use this mask for trail rides and where you can comfortably manage its use.
If you’re on the lookout for something to protect your horse from insects while you’re out for a casual ride, then you can’t go wrong with this product. It’s not the best on the market, but it can suit your needs well. Your horse is sure to give a neigh of approval.

  • Black color scheme
  • Five sizes
  • Ear holes included
  • Sheer mesh material
  • Clear vision line


  • It quickly attaches over the bridle
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Non-restrictive
  • It offers a clear line of vision
  • Plenty of size options


  • It can rip easily

6. Cashel Crusader Horse Fly Mask with Long Nose

If your hose likes to scratch a lot, or rub themselves up against trees, then this horse fly mask may not be for you. However, if they’re gentle and see the value in fly and insect protection, then it’s worth a closer look!
Cashel has long been known as a leading provider of horse fly masks, and this product is no different. You can buy it in one standard color in the long nose style, then enjoy seven sizes to suit your horse. It offers full fly and insect protection because it has no eye or nose holes, and it boasts an easy split-top opening. You’ll have it on in seconds.
The nylon micro-mesh construction is both convenient and pesky at the same time. It’s convenient in the respect that it’s breathable and offers full sight and protection, but it can also rip. It’s up to you to decide whether your horse is gentle enough to treat it well.
It also comes with a forelock hole, plenty of comfort, and an affordable price tag to seal the deal. The next time you take your horse on a ride, you will be pleased you invested in something that can keep the bugs off their face and out of their eyes.

  • Long nose style
  • Seven sizes
  • Fly and insect protection
  • Nylon micro-mesh construction
  • UV protection
  • Split-top opening
  • Forelock hole


  • It has a high rating in the horse community
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable
  • No holes for eyes or nose
  • It protects your horse from up to 70 percent of UV rays
  • Ideal fly and insect protection
  • Plenty of sizing options


  • The sizing runs large
  • The material can rip easily

5. Shires Mesh Fly Mask for Horse

Aside from a unique problem with sun reflection scaring timid horses, this horse fly mask from Shires Equestrian Inc. has a lot to offer. According to many users, it’s a standout product that holds its own.
It’s affordable to buy, available in five sizes, and you can choose from black or teal. There are comfortable ear holes, full mesh fronts for bug and insect protection, and a stylish design to make your horse stand out.
You can use this horse fly mask on horses as well as donkeys, and you’ll enjoy what it has to offer. It’s easy to put on and, thanks to the velcro adjustable straps, effortless to keep in place. It’s also very comfortable for your horse thanks to the fleece padding on the inside.
If you’re always facing a battle with insects, flies, and gnats, then this horse fly mask might be for you. You’ll have little trouble putting it on, yet it can provide long-lasting protection. Give it a try and see if it’s right for your horse.

  • Five sizes
  • Black or teal color schemes
  • Ear holes
  • Mesh construction
  • Velcro adjustable straps
  • Fleece padding


  • Fully breathable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • You can adjust it with straps
  • Affordable to buy
  • You can choose a color
  • Plenty of sizing options to suit
  • Easy to put on
  • It stays on securely


  • The colors and mesh can reflect in the sun and scare timid horses

4. Kensington Horse Fly Mask

If you’re a big fan of patterns and not a boring, plain horse fly mask, then check out this product from Kensington Protective Products. Not only is it a functional fly mask that’s going to stop insects in their tracks, but it’s stylish as well.
There are ten colors and patterns to choose from, including the ever-popular plaid. These stand out from the crowd and make your horse look amazing! What’s more, they don’t have eye holes, so you don’t have to worry about bugs getting into places where they shouldn’t be.
Putting this horse fly mask on is effortless. It boasts a double locking protection and woven mesh to make it a quick installation process. Put it on, secure it in place, then let your horse enjoy breathable webbing material and the ability to act the horse and not get covered in insects. It will also protect your horse from UV rays.
There are four sizes available, but these are not specific to horse types. Instead, you can choose from medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. Make sure you do your homework to ensure you buy the one that fits the best. Once you put it on, your horse will look stylish and ready to tackle anything.

  • Four sizes – medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large
  • Ten colors and patterns
  • Breathable webbing material
  • 700 – 1,500-pound horse weight capacity
  • Double locking system
  • UV ray protection
  • Woven mesh
  • Plaid patterns


  • Plenty of color options in plaid
  • Generous sizing options to suit most horses
  • It secures in place well
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Affordable to buy
  • It offers protection from the sun
  • It’s easy to put on
  • It doesn’t make your horse overheat


  • The sizes are not specific to horse types

3. Derby Originals Horse Fly Mask

The idea behind this horse fly mask is exceptional. It’s stylish, striking, stands out, and makes for attractive photos as well. In more ways than one, this horse fly mask is a winner. It covers the ears, comes in a range of colors and sizes, and is unique – unlike many other options on the market.
However, it has a long way to go until it’s a product that will last a long time. There are often some weak seams which create holes in the material, and the eyes wear out as well. The fringing can even unravel if you give it half a chance.
In saying that, it’s still a worthwhile product to try for a gentle horse. The innovative fringe design means your horse has the freedom to eat, and it’s entirely breathable. There is also a fleece edging to stop rubbing, as well as eye darts to stop the mask from irritating your horse’s eyes. Even the fabric is something special as it’s non-heat transferrable, allowing your horse to remain cool for longer. It’s clear to see this horse fly mask has some flaws, but it’s not all bad.

  • Five sizes
  • Six colors
  • 75 percent UV ray protection
  • Innovative fringe design
  • One-year warranty
  • Open design


  • Generous warranty
  • Plenty of color and sizing options
  • It protects your horse from biting insects and flies
  • It’s open and breathable
  • It can block a lot of UV rays
  • Fleece edging stops rubbing
  • The eye darts stop the mask from irritating your horse’s eyes
  • Non-heat transferring fabric keeps them cool


  • Some seams have weak spots and form holes
  • They can tear at the eyes
  • The fringing can unravel

2. EquiVizor Eye and Nose Horse Fly Mask

What you can often find with most of the horse fly mask variety for sale is they can irritate your horse. The whole point of the mask is to stop fly and insect irritation, but the mask itself can be worse. That’s why this horse fly mask from EquiVizor UV Fly Masks is a game changer. It combats the problem of mask irritation well.
Instead of sitting flat on your horse’s face, getting in the way of their eyes, this one sits above it. It doesn’t fall flat on your horse’s face, making them uncomfortable at all. While it’s doing that, it’s also doing a lot more. It offers 95 percent UV ray protection, making it a sunburn and cancer prevention product.
It also has quick-release clips which helps a horse in trouble. If they get stuck against a tree, fence, or anything else, they can free themselves from the mask in seconds. Not all other horse fly masks for sale offer this feature.
It’s also comfortable and breathable thanks to the full mesh construction, and easy to put on. The final box to tick is the competitive price tag and size range. You will happily pull out your wallet and choose one of the five sizes when you see all this horse fly mask can offer.

  • Five sizes
  • Triple dart visor
  • 95 percent UV ray protection
  • Quick-release clips
  • Photosensitive horse-compatible
  • Sunburn and cancer prevention


  • Quick to put on
  • It offers more UV ray protection than many other brands
  • Affordable to buy
  • The quick-release clips are ideal for a horse in trouble
  • The visor doesn’t cause irritation
  • Plenty of sizing options
  • It doesn’t lay flat on the horse’s face


  • The stitching quality is not always the best

1. Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask

There are a few issues with this horse fly mask, such as hair rubbing off, material falling apart, and large sizing, but that’s where the negative points end. In every other way, this horse fly mask can be a game changer for your horse. How often do they struggle with gnats, flies, and other insects irritating them? Too often, which is why this horse fly mask can be worth your consideration.
It comes with ear covers for extra protection, flex spline technology, and a fleece crown and nose lining. This lining can stop some irritation and rubbing, but be on the lookout for hair loss.
The horse fly mask also comes with a removable contoured nose attachment, a bridle loop, and a range of sizing options to suit your needs. Make sure you pay attention to the measurements to avoid buying a size too big or small.
Finally, the color schemes are unique. You can choose standard black, or you can make your horse one of royalty with gold. The choice is yours! Take a closer look at the full range of features and see if this horse fly mask from Noble Outfitters might be right for you.

  • Ear covers included
  • Flex Spline technology
  • Fleece crown and nose lining
  • Removable contoured nose attachment
  • Bridle loop included
  • Black and gold color options
  • Small, medium, large, and extra-extra-large sizing options


  • It covers the ears for additional protection
  • You can remove the nose cover
  • Convenient bridle loop attachment
  • Beautiful color schemes
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Affordable to buy
  • The fleece lining doesn’t irritate the horse


  • The stiff bands rub the hair off
  • The stitching can come apart
  • The sizing runs large

Considerations for Purchasing a Horse Fly Mask

A horse fly mask is a must-have accessory for any horse. You might think your horse has too many things – such as a bridle, saddle, etc, but a mask is paramount as well. Every time you take your horse for a ride, you subject them to cruel insects, flies, and gnats, who like to bite and irritate. Not only is it uncomfortable for your horse, but dangerous as well.
Before you buy the first horse fly mask you see, however, make sure you do your research. Below you can discover a few vital points to think about before you get your wallet out. They may stop you from buying a mask that’s not fit for purpose!

  1. Sizing When you find a horse fly mask you like the look of, pay attention to the sizing. Most manufacturers list their sizing based on the horse type – e.g. horse or cob. Others have sizing in line with other products, such as medium, large, extra-large, etc. Make sure you measure your horse properly and read the reviews. Some suppliers recommend sizing up or down, depending on the brand.
  2. Quality Horses are not always gentle with their belongings, and do a lot of horsing around! If you know your horse is rough on gear and is likely to destroy a mask, buy one that’s high-quality. To know, read the reviews. Many people talk about how some have mesh that rips apart or seams that weaken. Find a mask that’s robust and made to last.
  3. MaterialsMaterials in a horse mask matter a lot, because they can be the difference between your horse being comfortable or not at all. Fleece lining around the edges of the mask can be beneficial to stop rubbing, but it has to be very soft. Too much padding or fabric in a mask can also cause moisture and irritation. The best material is mesh for breathability.
  4. ProtectionSome horse fly masks offer more protection than others. Some have open eyes and ears that give your horse comfort, but don’t stop gnats and flies being a bother. Others cover your horse’s entire face, with breathable material so they can see and get air. Others even cover the ears, stopping insects from biting and irritating these as well. Do your research to find out which option will be right for your hooved friend.

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