Best Home Door Knockers

Recommendation No. 1
Architectural Mailboxes 3660APA Tree of Life Door Knocker, Antique Pewter - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Solid brass construction
  • Premium antique pewter finish
  • Measures 7.5 in. H x 3.2 in. W x 1 in. D overall
  • Easy installation with pre-drilled rear installation holes, mounting hardware and instructions included
  • Modern Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design
Recommendation No. 2
Hillman Hardware Essentials 852393 Bright Brass Door Knocker, 7-Inch - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Great decorative accent for your front door
  • Unique design adds a sophisticated look to your door
  • Made of solid brass
  • 1 per retail pack
Recommendation No. 3
Authentic Vintage Brass Lion Door & Gate Knocker Handle Pull Door Accessories Home Decor - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2" inches, weight: 490 Grams. Material: Solid Brass.
  • Embossed Lion Sculpted Door knocker made with Premium High Quality 100% Brass
  • Color : Brass Finish. This elaborately designed Lion Mouth Door Knocker with intricate detailing makes it appear straight out of the period of medieval era
  • Can be used for Vastu, Fengshui, Good luck, Keeping the bad aura away, decoration, house warming gifts, business gifts etc.
  • Easy to install and clean, it is compatible with door decoration.
Recommendation No. 4
Hillman Hardware Essentials 852724 Satin Nickel Door Knocker, 7-Inch - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Great decorative accent for your front door
  • Unique design adds a sophisticated look to your door
  • Made of solid brass
  • 1 per retail pack
Recommendation No. 5
Alzassbg AL8200SN Satin Nickel, 6.2 Inch Door Hardware Door Knocker 1 Pack - Best Home Door Knockers
  • High Quality Satin Nickel Finish. Zinc Alloy Die Casting.
  • Polybagged with Mounting Screws Included.
Recommendation No. 6
Design Toscano SP2993 Mystical Spirit Owl Authentic Foundry Door Knocker, gold - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Dimensions: 6"Wx1"Dx8"H 1 lbs.
  • Quality foundry cast iron collectible crafted using age old techniques
  • Each piece is individually hand-finished by our artisans
  • Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
Recommendation No. 7
Bumblebee Door Knocker - Brass (Premium Size) - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Handcrafted
  • Signed by the artist
  • Solid Brass
  • Surface mounting (no holes on interior of door)
Recommendation No. 8
Esschert Design Door Knocker - Woodpecker Green Patina - Best Home Door Knockers
  • An adorable green patina woodpecker door knocker
  • Nice solid action
  • Add touch of charm to your doorway with this door knocker
  • Artistically painted and designed
  • Measures 2 by 6 by 4.3-inches
Recommendation No. 9
Design Toscano SP27007 Claddagh Authentic Foundry Door Knocker,bronze - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Dimensions: 5"Wx1"Dx5.5"H 1 lbs.
  • Quality foundry cast iron collectible crafted using age old techniques
  • Each piece is individually hand-finished by our artisans
  • Exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and perfect for your home or garden
  • Traditional English style
Recommendation No. 10
Deluxe Door Knocker, 5-13/16 in. Hole Center Spacing, Decast Construction, Satin Nickel Plated Finish, Pack of 1 - Best Home Door Knockers
  • Mounts onto a door's surface with two fasteners
  • Without a door viewer limiting the door's thickness, this knocker can be mounted onto doors of any thickness
  • Fits door thicknesses of 1-3/8 in. and greater
  • Diecast metal construction
  • Satin nickel-plated construction

Believe it or not, there are so many advantages to installing a door knocker on your door, even if you believe it’s the last thing your property needs. A door knocker can not only add a sense of character to any home, but it can also be beneficial for those who are losing their hearing, as well as those who prefer people to hit something else rather than risk damaging their wooden or glass doors with their knuckles.
While, of course, doorbells can be equally as convenient, but the constant hassle with making sure the batteries are working, getting it repaired if it breaks, and installing it, can all be more trouble than it’s worth. What’s more, because you don’t press a bell before you enter your own home, how do you know you haven’t missed dozens of visitors because it hasn’t rung?
Whether you’re hard of hearing, think your main point of entry needs an elegant knocker to complete the picture, or you believe they are more suitable than using your knuckles or a doorbell, it’s time to go shopping. You may just find that any of these nine options below could be the very one you’re looking for.

9. Schlage Solid Brass Bronze Door Knocker

If your front entrance is lacking that final touch necessary to complete the style of your home, you need a brass door knocker. This knocker from Schlage could also be the perfect accent for which you’ve been hunting. It’s made of high-quality, robust, durable brass, is “aged” to add more style and character, and is priced affordably for all.
If you’re worried about how easy this brass knocker will be to install, don’t be. It’s far easier than doorbell installation and doesn’t require a handyman or a builder to help. It comes with instructions for installation, as well as all mounting hardware, and it’s designed to have minimal impact on the exterior of your door.
You will also find that even though this is a new brass knocker, its quality and longevity is reminiscent of days gone by. It’s extra thick to put up with thousands, if not millions of knocks and is a brilliant and unctional method of letting you know guests have arrived. You don’t have to listen to an obnoxious bell or let guests graze their knuckles on your door. Install this knocker and welcome guests in with open arms.

8. Adonai Hardware Adonikam Iron Door Knocker

If you’re looking to introduce some old-world charm into your home, but you don’t want to go too overboard with home décor, consider this subtle yet stunning door knocker. Designed to suit both contemporary and classic homes, it’s a testament to the integrity and robustness of homes from days gone by.
When you purchase this knocker, it’s supplied as one piece with screws and a full installation kit. As it’s one piece, you’re not worrying about finicky small parts that can be lost, or it breaking when someone uses it. What’s more, it’s easy to install, and doesn’t require the help of a builder or handyman.
What you’re also sure to be impressed about is the materials used in the manufacturing process. Typically, many door knockers built today are made of inferior quality metal that breaks or bends or wears out. As this knocker is made of powder-coated cast iron, it’s manufactured to last the distance.
The overall size of this knocker is also perfect for the main entrance. It’s not too big, not too small, takes up minimal space, yet is well within natural sight of any visitors. Depending on the surface of your door, you’ll also find it offers a solid knock, enabling you to hear that someone is at your door.
Priced affordably and ready to transform the look of your front entrance, consider adding this knocker to your wish list.

7. Design Toscano Authentic Iron Door Knocker

If you’re not impressed by the build quality of mass-produced door knockers available in hardware stores, consider this authentic iron door knocker from Design Toscano instead. Beautifully designed, robust, and priced affordably, you’re sure to find it ticks all the boxes for your contemporary or classic build.
It’s made of high-quality cast iron, is crafted using old techniques to avoid losing out on the rustic charm, and is even hand-finished with verdigris bronze. Every part of the manufacturing process of this door knocker is done with accuracy and precision for the best possible finish.
What’s more, if you don’t need a door knocker but you still love everything about this Design Toscano piece, it has many different uses. You can use it as a towel holder in a bathroom or laundry, or even to tie curtains back in any room of your house. If rustic charm is what your home requires, that’s precisely what this multi-use door knocker can offer.

6. Bushere and Son Wrought Iron Door Knocker

If you’re looking for a unique way to enhance your entrance, yet you’re adverse to painting it a vibrant color or altering the door in any way, then consider a door knocker from Bushere and Son. Available in black, it’s a stunning way to liven up any entrance way, while also paying tribute to the expert craftsmanship of days gone by.
It’s made of high quality authentic forged iron, has been manufactured with old-world hammering to make it stand out, and it’s versatile to be installed on almost any door. It even comes with a three-and-a-half-inch mounting plate to make it more stable and secure for use. What’s more, it’s made right here in the USA enabling you to count on it being quality.
This door knocker adds a lot of sass and style to any front door, which can’t be achieved with a standard doorbell. If your home is classic, or you wish it to have a vintage feel, you can’t capture this look with a modern looking doorbell. However, as this forged iron door knocker is in the shape of a Fleur de Lis while being manufactured with old-school techniques, you’re sure to capture the very essence of “classic” with no problem at all.

5. Renovator’s Supply Black Cast Iron Door Knocker

If you’ve got a cottage or an abode that just screams character, this warrior woman cast iron door knocker will add a new element of fun to your entrance. Not only will it become a functional piece that alerts you to when guests arrive, but it can break up the monotony of plain doors while adding a sense of elegance and charm at the same time.
When you purchase this knocker from Renovator’s Supply, you can also expect quality. It’s made of exceptionally heavy and robust cast iron to last the distance and is also maintenance-free. Therefore, you won’t spend any time with a hammer and nail trying to piece it back together.
The benefits of this knocker don’t end there. It’s weather-proofed to handle whatever nature throws at it, and is tarnish-resistant as well. As a result, you can benefit from that beautiful matte black finish from the day you purchase it, to the day you move out. This door knocker is in a league of its own, and you’re sure to be impressed by the class it brings to any entrance.

4. Renovator’s Supply Chrome Door Knocker Key

Not every door knocker has to be a simple backboard with a ring. If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, it can, all thanks to this chrome door knocker key. Instead of your standard ring, you can let your front door shine with a beautiful classic looking house key with a contemporary chrome finish.
No matter how many hands touch it to gain entrance to your home, you will find the tarnish-resistance on offer is just exceptional. It won’t tarnish, smear, or look dirty, and will keep shining and giving your home a point of difference.
You are also sure to appreciate how high-quality it is. While it looks shiny and new, it’s made out of solid cast brass that has been plated in chrome. As a result, it will both last the distance and look as good as new for many years to come. When you purchase this door knocker, expect to be able to install it in just minutes, and walk away with no maintenance requirements. This door knocker cares for itself and doesn’t require any polishing or washing at any point.
It’s loud enough to alert you to new guests and is affordable, so almost anyone can have one. When you’re ready to invest in a door knocker with a point of difference, consider this chrome door knocker key.

3. Renovator’s Supply Stirrup Iron Door Knockers

If your home just doesn’t ‘pop’ like other front entrances you’ve seen, you can step it up a notch with this Renovator’s Supply door knocker. Designed for the horse lover, or those who want to add a bit of character to their home, it’s a brilliant addition to any front door.
Once you purchase this knocker, you can install it almost immediately. Installation is a breeze with just minor tools, and there is no need to call a handyman or a builder. Once you’ve got it sitting pride of place on your front door, you will be more than impressed.
It’s made of weather-proofed cast iron with a matte finish, offers a beautiful sound when used that will alert you to guests at your door, and it requires no maintenance whatsoever. Just install it and appreciate it.
You will also appreciate the high-quality finish, as well as its tarnish-resistance. No matter how many times it’s used, or how many people have touched it, it will look as brilliant and as inviting as the day you first bought it.
If your home just needs that extra bit of class, character, or elegance, or you need a gift for the horse lover in your life, consider this stirrup door knocker from Renovator’s Supply.

2. Renovator’s Supply Tennis Door Knocker

For your local tennis club, a tennis-playing friend, or your own home, this tennis-themed door knocker is well worth your consideration. Instead of opting for the standard ring door knockers, consider something a little outside of the square. Your tennis-loving friends, or even your local tennis club, is sure to appreciate this well-thought-out gift.
It’s easy to install by almost anyone, is made of hardened, tarnish resistant cast iron to last the distance, and is sure to be a talking point and an ice breaker for all those who come to your door. What’s more, it’s priced affordably for all.
Many door knockers on the market are also mass-produced with poor quality metals. Therefore, they break and wear out quickly. Due to the substantial robustness of this cast iron, you can rest assured your door knocker will look as good as new, even years after you bought it.

1. Renovator’s Supply Art Deco Chrome Door Knocker

The most common door knocker on the market is black powder-coated cast iron. And, while this is reminiscent of door knockers produced in days gone by, it just might not suit your home’s exterior as well as you would like. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a door knocker; it just might mean you need to opt for chrome instead.
This chrome door knocker is made out of cast brass with chrome plating and is tarnish resistant as well. As a result, it doesn’t matter how many times guests use your knocker; it won’t smear, mark, or wear out. It’s functional and graceful, is easy to install, and priced affordably for all homeowners to buy. What’s more, it’s styled in an art deco design that is sure to make your front door stand out on your street.
Instead of opting for traditional black door knockers, consider trying something a little different. This art deco chrome door knocker is sure to tick all the boxes.

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