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Recommendation No. 1
WindRider 8.5lb Boat Anchor Kit | Fluke Style | 6ft Galvanized Chain | 75ft 3/8in Line Spliced with Shackles | 15-24ft Boats… - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • READY TO LAUNCH KIT - For smaller boats (15-24ft) this is a perfect plug and play kit. No more worrying about buying the line, splicing the line to the chain, drilling a hole for easier retrieval. Just order this and go.
  • SUPERB HOLDING POWER - Fluke style anchors are perfect anchors for sand or mud bottoms. The flukes articulate and will dig into the bottom, allowing these relatively lightweight anchors to hold tight. Just make sure you give it the opportunity to bury into the ground.
  • PREDRILLED RECOVERY HOLE THEN GALVANIZED: Sometimes anchors get hung up and nothing is worse than having to cut your line because you can't free it. We predrill a recovery hole so you can recover it (without scuba gear) if it does get stuck. We drill the hole and then galvanize it, so you don't have to worry about rust and corrosion or drilling the hole yourself. We recommend attaching the anchor like the image using zip ties, so if you need to break it free you need to.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 75ft of 3/8in triple strand nylon rope that has an eye splice. 2 5/16 Hot dip galvanized bow shackles with holes for wiring shut. 6ft of 1/4in hot dip galvanized chain. 1 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Fluke Anchor.
  • FROM A MINNESOTA BOAT MAKER - WindRider is a Minnesota based small boat manufacturer. We believe in standing behind our products, so if you ever have any issue, comment or concern you can feel confident you will talk to someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about boats - Here in the USA!
Recommendation No. 2
MarineNow Deluxe Portable 8.5 lb Fluke Style Anchor Kit for 15' - 24' Boat - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • 8.5 lb Hot Dipped Galvanized Fluke Anchor
  • 98' Anchor Line - three strand - 5/16 (8mm) with stainless steel rope thimble (316 marine grade)
  • 6.5 Feet of 1/4" (6mm) chain - Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • 2 5/16" Shackles - Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Anchor measures 21.5" tall and 15" wide.
Recommendation No. 3
SEACHOICE Utility Anchor 7E 41610,Steel - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • Penetrates deep in a variety of seafloor compositions
  • Slip ring shank makes it simple to retrieve stuck anchor
  • Recommended for boats 15-19 feet in length
  • Fluke Length: 9 inch
  • Stock Width: 12 ¾ inch
Recommendation No. 4
SEACHOICE Hot Dipped Galvanized Deluxe Anchor 8S 41720 - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • Wide flukes are suitable for a variety of seafloor compositions
  • Excellent weight to holding power ratio
  • Recommended for boats 17-24 feet in length
  • Fluke Length: 11-¾ inch
  • Stock Width: 18 inch
Recommendation No. 5
Extreme Max 3006.6560 BoatTector Vinyl-Coated River Anchor, 30 lbs. - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • 30 lb. river anchor
  • Designed to use a combination of weight and flukes for hold
  • For use in lakes / rivers with fast currents and drift areas, holds in high
  • Works on hard bottom surfaces , muddy or rocky bottom surface, and grass/weeds
  • UV-resistant vinyl coating protects boat surfaces
Recommendation No. 6
MarineNow Deluxe Portable 13 lb Fluke Style Anchor Kit - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • 13 lb Hot Dipped Galvanized Fluke Anchor
  • 98' Anchor Line - three strand - 3/8" (10mm) with stainless steel rope thimble (316 marine grade)
  • 6.5 Feet of 5/16" (8mm) chain - Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • 2 3/8" 10mm Shackles - Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Anchor measures 24.5" tall, 18" wide, and 6" thick.
Recommendation No. 7
Slide Anchor - On and Off Shore Spike - Small - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • FOR ON & OFF SHORE- The Slide Anchor Shore Spike is designed to be used in shallow water as well as on shore. High visibility shore spike
  • EASY SETTING & RETRIEVAL- Simple kinetic energy makes setting and retrieving the Slide Anchor Shore Spike easy!
  • HIGH VISIBILITY- A top ring is provided for a buoy to mark the location of your spike for other boaters and foot traffic
  • STRONG HOLD- Made of high galvanized metal, the Slide Anchor Shore Spike has a strong holding power to secure your boat in the softest of sands or strongest of winds
  • HOW TO USE- To start, drive the tubular handle downward to deliver the spike blade into the shoreline. Once the Spike is secure, tie it off to the lower ring. To retrieve, tap the tubular handle upward to free the Spike from the shoreline
Recommendation No. 8
Extreme Max 3006.6530 BoatTector Vinyl-Coated Navy Anchor, 28 lbs. - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • 28 lb. navy anchor designed for excellent hold in heavy grass or weeds, rocks, or hard sand
  • Designed with reverse action for quick, easy shank retrieval
  • Anchor weight, flukes, and swivel action combine for superior hold
  • Suitable for use in fresh or salt water applications
  • Durable vinyl coating protects boat and anchor
Recommendation No. 9
attwood 9946B1 Solid Cast Iron 18-Pound Large Eye River Boat Anchor, Black PVC-Coated Finish - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • Solid cast iron
  • Black PVC-coated; prevents both rust, and scratches to your vessel
  • Large eye for easy connection to anchor line
  • 18 - pounds
  • Attwood products are both compatible and reliable, engineered and built with a never-fail attitude
Recommendation No. 10
Extreme Max 3006.6645 BoatTector Vinyl-Coated Spike Anchor - 18 lb. - Best Boat Anchors | Anchors For Water Sports and Fishing
  • Offers high performance in diverse lakebeds and river bottoms
  • Effective in sand, rocks, mud, weeds, currents and more
  • Unique release bar makes reclaiming the anchor easy
  • Vinyl-coated for protection and longevity
  • Available in three sizes: 14 lb. (boats up to 18’), 18 lb. (boats up to 24’), and 25 lb. (boats up to 32’)

If you own a boat, then you’ll surely be on the lookout for new boat anchors. After all, how can you moor your boat safely if you don’t own one? While you might think that choosing any boat anchor will suffice, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, experts believe every boat owner should also own several anchors depending on the conditions.
Small details can affect the efficacy of your anchor – such as wind, how much sand is on the bottom, coral, dirt, mud, and even grass. Therefore, great care should be taken not only in purchasing that initial anchor, but ensuring you have a few more to cover all bases. The anchor you use today on a coral bed may be different from the one you use on a muddy surface.
If you’re not that familiar with anchors and what you may need, you could always go for the most popular option, known as a fluke anchor. This anchor is lightweight, stows easily and seems to hold well in muddy or sandy conditions. What’s more, because it secures so well into challenging terrain, you can use a lighter anchor as opposed to a heavier one. However, fluke anchors are less suitable for grass and rocks.
Other options include scoop and plow anchors which have single points and can hold well in a range of conditions. They reset themselves in wind and currents, and some even now have roll bars to turn the anchor the right side up. It’s clear to see there are options aplenty, so view these anchors below to see if they meet the mark.

9. 17.5 lbs Galvanized Folding Grapnel Boat Anchors

If you own a small seacraft such as a kayak, canoe, or a dinghy, then you’re not going to need a hefty big boat anchor that sinks your boat rather than keeps it safely in place. That’s why these anchors from Crown Sporting Goods are so popular. With various weights to choose from, they’re suitable for kayaks and canoes all the way through to inflatable boats.
Even though they’re lightweight and affordable, however, they are still high-quality anchors that are built to last. They are made of galvanized steel which is resistant to corrosion, and they lock easily into place on a range of terrains. Therefore, whether you’re in stone, coral, weeds or gravel, you will find it keeps you steady in most low currents.
When it comes to storing this anchor, you will find it’s a seamless process. It folds up for compact storage and doesn’t get in the way either. If you need a high-quality grapnel boat anchor to provide no end of convenience when you’re out on the water, then it’s time to invest in this one from Crown Sporting Goods.

8. SeaSense 16lbs Penetrating Galvanized Fluke Style Anchor for Boat

Finding a boat anchor that will firmly hold your boat in place can be challenging. After all, many are designed for various terrains, and not all will be suitable for your local boating areas. However, this fluke-style boat anchor from SeaSense is going to be one of the best options you can find.
Not only is it affordable and built to last thanks to its galvanized steel body, but it’s suitable for use in mud, gravel, sand, and grass – covering nearly all bases. Once you anchor it in place, you can benefit from the confidence that it will keep your boat secure.
What’s more, the power to weight ratio is impressive, especially if you compare them to their cast iron counterparts. While they are lightweight and effortless to store within your boat, they offer unparalleled power for that much-needed peace of mind.
And, even though you pay very little for this boat anchor, you benefit from a range of beneficial features such as a retrieval ring with anti-foul mechanics, as well as a chain and shackle. When the time comes to invest in a boat and a boat anchor, don’t look past this one from SeaSense.

7. Extreme Max Grapnel Boat Anchor Kit, 3.5 lbs

If you own a small watercraft such as a canoe, kayak, or a jet ski, then you might not be aware of how convenient a boat anchor kit can be. After all, surely anchors are only for larger boats, right? Contrary to popular belief, having an anchor for your small watercraft can be more convenient than you think. In fact, it provides a new layer of peace of mind you may not have otherwise had.
However, not any anchor will do. An anchor kit such as this one from Extreme Max ticks all the boxes for small boats, canoes, jet skis, and more. It includes a grapnel hook which is suitable for coral or rocky bottoms and even comes with a nylon padded bag to put it in when it’s not in use.
The benefits don’t end there. Alongside your high-quality grapnel boat anchor, you also get everything else you require to take to the water safely. A 25-foot rope, snap hook and a buoy all form part of this kit, all of which are high-quality items. The anchor has four shanks, the cable is made of robust polythene, the hook is plated steel, and the marker buoy is made of marine-grade foam.
If you purchase this boat anchor kit, you’ll find the next time you go out on the water will be so much more effortless.

6. Extreme Max Vinyl Coated River Anchor, 18lbs

When you buy a boat for use in the river, you will be on the lookout for a boat anchor to secure it in place. However, not any boat anchor will meet the mark. In fact, one specifically for the river, such as this one from Extreme Max, will be the best option for you.
This boat anchor weighs 18 pounds, features a UV-resistant coating made of vinyl to protect your boat, and is suitable for a range of water types. If you find yourself in a river or lake that has drift areas and fast currents, you are going to see this boat anchor ticks all the boxes.
It’s suitable for hard surfaces such as rocks, or even for mud, grass, and weeds. In essence, it’s a versatile and reliable anchor that uses both flukes and weight to keep your boat securely in place. If you’re in the market for a river-specific boat anchor, this one is well worth your inspection.

5. Lewmar Claw Anchor

If you want a no-frills approach to your next new boat anchor, then it might be time to take a look at this one from Lewmar. Designed to be reliable, robust, and to last the distance, it could be your favorite anchor in your collection in no time.
What sets this anchor apart the most from others is how unique in its design it is. Its shape and design are akin to those anchors used in the North Sea for securing oil rigs, and it’s made of high-grade steel as well. As a result, it’s more than suitable for all kinds of conditions and seabeds.
It hooks in effortlessly as a claw to most terrain types, then fits in comfortably on the bow roller of various boats as well. It’s easy to see that aside from its competitive price tag, this claw anchor from Lewmar ticks the boxes for many different boat owners.

4. Lewmar Galvanized Delta Boat Anchors

Finding a boat anchor that’s suitable for a range of conditions is challenging, but it’s essential. No one likes to have to carry around several anchors on their boat, hoping at least one will be suitable for specific terrain. Therefore, when you find this boat anchor from Lewmar, you’ll be adding it to your shopping cart immediately.
It’s a self-launching 35-pound boat anchor that features a ballasted tip and a unique shank profile. It sets in place immediately, has a low center of gravity, and will right itself as well. These features alone are enough to have you wanting to purchase this anchor.
However, the benefits don’t end there. It’s a high-holding anchor that many lifeboat organizations prefer and the manufacturers even guarantee it for life against breakages. Therefore, you can rest assured that it’s a boat anchor that will provide you with no end of faithful service. Made from robust manganese steel and priced competitively on the market, there’s every reason to make the purchase and improve your boating experience.

3. Danielson Galvanized Claw Boat Anchors, 11 lbs

If you’re going to be taking your boat out in bodies of water with rocky seabeds, then you’re going to need a boat anchor that can handle the pressure. This one from Danielson could tick all the boxes. Even though it’s priced competitively to ensure more boat owners can benefit, it’s still a high-quality claw boat anchor that weighs 11 pounds.
It’s suitable for all rocky and rough waters, holds securely in place no matter how challenging the conditions and catches onto marshland and sand as quickly as it does to rock as well. Therefore, it’s a boat anchor with the unparalleled versatility of which every boat owner dreams.
Rather than own several different anchors for various scenarios, you can make one small payment and receive this versatile boat anchor that stows effortlessly aboard your boat and will offer plenty of peace of mind. Therefore, if you’re in the market for such an anchor, there’s no time like the present to add this one to your shopping cart.

2. SeaChoice Pyramid Anchor, 200lbs

When you think of a boat anchor, you typically think of a robust steel unit with between two and four shanks to secure it to seabeds. However, this one bucks the trend on both design and functionality, while being a popular option for boat owners at the same time.
Rather than feature shanks, this pyramid-shaped boat anchor from SeaChoice is designed in such a way as to offer exceptional holding power in tidal waters. What’s more, they are superior to concrete blocks and are suitable for both rocky and sandy seabeds.
Even though this boat anchor is unique in its design, it doesn’t make it any less useful or capable of catering to your requirements.
When you set the anchor in water, the edge of the pyramid penetrates the seabed, using its large surface area to create a suction effect. The suction effect then grows more significant the more in-depth the anchor digs. However, the benefits don’t end there.
Because this boat anchor has a very short shank, you can moor your boat in shallow waters without the use of a wrap-up which is standard with typical anchors. If you’re confident this type of anchor is going to suit your needs well on your next boating adventure, then be sure to do your research and consider purchasing it today.

1. Antique Style Marine Brass Folding Boat Anchor

When it comes time to choose a new boat anchor for your boat, it’s not a very fun experience. After all, they can often look the same, with no standout features that make you say “oh, that’s a nice anchor.” However, if you want a boat anchor that will get heads turning and will become a talking point when you store it on your boat, then this one from Marine Product is the very boat anchor to do it.
It’s a replica anchor made entirely of brass, weighing around three kilograms. It works as a brilliant focal point on your boat, all the while being a desirable product for avid boat owners like yourself. Rather than opt for a regular galvanized steel anchor as a display piece, why not go for something a little more unique? This marine brass anchor is a stunning decorative item any boat owner would be proud to call their own.
Therefore, if you’re in the market for a piece of boating memorabilia, there’s every reason to consider this anchor. You’ll be the envy of your friends in no time.

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